Pagani Cheated on the Top Gear Test

In the premiere show of the new season of the world’s most popular car show, Top Gear UK, slipped quite a gaffe during testing Pagani Huayre. The photos appeared showing that when journalists and racing test used different sets of tires.

As is the custom with all the supercars in the show, after Huayra journalistic test passed into the hands sporting anonymous driver The Stig and immediately set a record for the fastest car on the homologated Top Gear’s  track, with a time of 1:13.8. By comparison, the previous record holder, Ariel Atom V8 is the same interned in 1:15.1.

This difference in time has not gone unnoticed, and they soon started speculation. Specifically, the team photos that Top Gear announced on Flickr clearly show that two cars – one that is driven by journalist Richard Hammond and the one that was driven by Stig – were not equipped with the same tires – Pirelli P Zero Corsa, with which the car comes standard.

The only condition that Top Gear set before their candidates for so-called “Powerlap” is that they are homologated for road use and you can get over the lying cops (the Caparo T1 cost loans), so it seems that Pagani is not too cheated.

Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo Specially developed for Pagani’s model Zonda R, Pagani claims that are legal for use on public roads, but that is not recommended in rainy conditions.

Pagani Admits They Used Two Sets Of Tires For Top Gear Test  By:

Earlier we saw that the Pagani Huayra may have used different tires for its Top Gear test that helped it run an ultra-fast lap time. After exchanging emails with Pagani all morning, they finally admitted they did use two sets of tires and they “reported Pirelli Pzero Corsa on our press release because we want, for communication reasons, to push them on the media.”

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