Benefits of installing Centrifugal Pumps

This article defines Benefits of installing Centrifugal Pumps.

The process of moving liquids from one destination to another, may it be horizontal or vertical, is performed through the aid of pumps. Pumps create pressure with which liquid travels, there are different types of pumps available from which centrifugal pumps are usually preferred over others for domestic as well as industrial use. Domestic centrifugal pump usage most frequently relates to water supply at residences where tank system is incorporated. Industrial centrifugal pumps are required for the movement of any liquid may it be a chemical, petrol or composition required for manufacturing from one department to the other. The performance, category and type between both usages is different. But there are models available to cater to each perfectly in an efficient manner. Outlined below are a number of reasons how centrifugal pumps are beneficial when compared to other pumps-


1)      Less space occupied

The designs of centrifugal pumps offer compact and less space consuming variety. For people who face issues with moving around important equipment in an industry can easily find spots for placement of centrifugal pumps. If it is used for domestic purpose, then again the space available with balconies or area left outside compartments are enough to occupy the pump and fulfil its purpose. The only factor that should be bared in mind is, the pump should not be kept in a place where air does not reach it. The constructed environment eventually leads to moisture development and leakage issues along with problems in proper lubrication of the pump. The performance declines over time if air is not transported properly. In comparison to other pumps, centrifugal pumps are designed with the factor of little space consumption and sleek design.


2)      Low costs associated

If a pie chart of costs is designed for centrifugal pumps, it would have sections of purchase cost, energy cost, maintenance cost, operating cost and other costs that are unspecified. The overall expenses incurred with the operations and maintenance of pumps is more than expected. However, with the different pumps available in the market, comparatively centrifugal pumps pose a lower cost burden. One of the main reasons behind its low maintenance and purchase cost is all motion is rotary in the pump. There are hardly any parts that are of a sensitive nature such as valves in a plunger pump. Sensitive parts pose risk of early maintenance and frequent issues with it. May it be domestic or industrial; the use of centrifugal pumps is beneficial for both in this regard.


3)      Plug-in benefit

Centrifugal pumps offer a plug-in ease advantage where it can be operated easily without many installation criteria and issues. These pumps have in built higher power outcomes with more speed that can be plugged in directly to a power source without any need of stopping or starting again. The stop/start mechanism not only leads to more power usage, it stresses the pump machine and the eventual risk of heating up or other issues arise. Hence, its direct connection with the power and structure that needs no stop/start option makes it usage convenient and easy.


4)      Ability to pump different types of liquids-

The power and flow of centrifugal pumps are adjusted in accordance with different types of viscosity in fluids. If the liquid that has to be transported is muddy or thick, has a corrosive nature as well, it can easily be pushed up or down with the help of centrifugal pumps. These pumps are also designed to stay compatible with high temperature liquids such as water that is over 350 degrees or high temperature petrol. The different high temperature liquids do not alter the performance of centrifugal pumps and keep delivering consistently which is why these pumps are preferred over others.  

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