How To Pimp Your Truck

Pimp Your Truck
When we think of automotive modifications, we normally think of stuff that we can adapt or change on cars or even motorbikes.

When we think of automotive modifications, we normally think of stuff that we can adapt or change on cars or even motorbikes. But did you know that there is a growing number of people that own their own trucks and customise or modify certain elements of them?

Also known in the United States as “semi-trucks”, these trucks are used primarily for pulling trailers which contain all manner of goods that are transported across the United Kingdom and in Europe and beyond.

The cargo that these trailers contain could be anything from food and drink to cars, mobile imaging units for hospitals and medical facilities, and even felled trees!

But something that not many people realise about truck owners is that an increasing number of them pimp their rides out and even take part in events such as truck racing!

If you own a truck and you want to do some truck modifications to it, here is a handy guide to help you create the coolest truck in your town!

Work out how much you want to spend

The first thing you should do is work out how much you want to spend modifying your truck.If money is no object, then you could perform a number of performance-enhancing or styling modifications which will really turn heads, but if you only want to spend a modest amount of money then you will need to consider whether performance or aesthetics are more important to you.

Truck owners that take part in annual truck racing events both in the United Kingdom and beyond tend to focus more on increasing their truck’s performance and handling rather than aesthetics, while other truck owners that exhibit at events that award owners on how stylish or shiny their trucks are focus almost entirely on the external and internal styling aspects of it.

Start with a good base

Now that you have got the money side of things sorted out, you will want to think about what sorts of cool modifications you can make to your truck. But before you spend any money, you should make sure that you have a modern and reliable truck to start customising first.

There’s no point trying to modify an unreliable truck as you will have to focus on spending your money keeping it roadworthy rather than looking or sounding good! If you need to upgrade to a newer truck, there are many reputable dealers such as Malcolm Taylor Commercials that can facilitate in obtaining you a decent truck for your budget.

Performance modifications

As with cars, you can enhance the performance of your truck’s power plant by buying things like bigger turbochargers, customised exhaust systems, bigger intercoolers and so on. An ECU remap would also help the engine take advantage of such modifications, and can be tweaked and adjusted for all sorts of applications.

Style modifications

Chrome is very big in the truck modifying world; you only have to go to a truck show to see why! For example, chrome plating wheels, mirrors, radiator grilles and so on are an attractive and stylish addition to any truck, and are easy to clean!


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