8 Reasons Why Public Transport Sucks In The UK

Reasons Why Public Transport Sucks In The UK

Pretty much everyone in the United Kingdom will have used public transport at some point in their lives, whether it be going on the bus, train, trams or the London Underground.

I’m all for public transport as it provides a vital method of transportation for many people in Britain and is useful for getting into city centres where it can be nearly impossible to park without paying a fortune for the privilege, but the UK’s current public transport network seriously sucks.

Why? Here are just 8 of many reasons why!

1. Public transport is expensive

In some cases hopping on the bus or train to go into town can be relatively inexpensive, but for long distances it can be quite expensive.

According to a recent price comparison made by car dealer Hilton Garage, if two people wanted to go from Birmingham to Edinburgh and back it would cost £240 by train for two return tickets, yet it would cost less than £100 to go by car!

2. Public transport is unreliable

Buses are subject to breakdowns and being stuck in traffic jams just like cars are, except you have to stay in a bus full of people that are probably annoying you and getting up to all sorts of mischief. At least in a car you can relax and listen to some music in comfort and peace!

3. Public transport isn’t well-provisioned in all areas

If you live in a rural village where you have a bus coming along about 3 times a day, it can be rather inconvenient for you if you need to depend on the service to take you to work and back each day.

4. Public transport isn’t always safe

Although CCTV can help to record any crimes that happen to passengers on public transport, they don’t help to prevent them. In your car, you can simply lock your doors and drive to safety if you end up in an unsafe area.

5. Public transport doesn’t always get you to your destination

Sometimes bus and train drivers end up ‘forgetting’ to stop somewhere, causing you and your fellow passengers much frustration as you will now have to find a way of backtracking to your required stop.

6. Public transport isn’t available 24/7

I live in a town in the West Midlands where the first train service doesn’t start until just before 7am, so if I wanted to get to London before 9am, for example, I would have to drive down there!

7. Public transport doesn’t offer great value-for-money

Would you want to spend £3 to £5 getting onto a bus or train that has been vandalised and doesn’t particularly make you feel safe? Because I know I wouldn’t! Yet this is what many commuters have to face on a daily basis.

8. Public transport staff lack customer service skills

You effectively pay their wages by paying to use their buses, trains, trams and so forth. Yet they see fit to effectively talk to you like something you have stepped in should you need to ask for their assistance such as the price of a ticket for your journey!

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