How to Load Your Furniture onto a Moving Truck

How to Load Your Furniture onto a Moving Truck

When relocating to another property, it’s important to take care of your belongings during transit. A large part of this relates to how you pack everything onto the truck. Loaded correctly, you’ll minimise the risk of damage while on the road. If you’d rather your furniture get to its destination intact, you’ll follow the right packing techniques prior to departure. Alternatively, you can hire a professional mover who follows the correct packing guidelines that take care of your belongings.


Arranging Your Things


Being organised when it comes to loading a removals vehicle is a good idea for several reasons. First, you’ll know precisely where everything is located and can unpack more efficiently once you’ve reached your new home or apartment. Second, taking the time to pack and load your moving truck in the right manner will prevent your belongings from being broken, crushed, shattered, dented or scratched during transit. To do this, simply follow these simple techniques before you leave.


Put the largest items in first, placing them at the back wall closest to the driver’s cabin. Ensure the weight is evenly distributed left and right.

Use foam padding or blankets to protect the corners of these items from being damaged while en route to your new home.

Place long items such as mattresses and table tops into the cargo bay. These should be loaded against the longer walls of the truck in an upright position.

Disassemble large items and tape the pieces together. Wrap them in a rolled up carpet and tape the ends shut. Put this on the floor of the truck.

Place the heavier boxes in after this. These can be put on top of your larger pieces of furniture. Just make sure these boxes are free from breakables.

Load up the lighter boxes, putting them on top of the heavy containers. If possible, stack these boxes up to the roof of the cargo bay.

Insert the fragile items in last, placing them securely in areas where they can’t shift around or get crushed during the trip.

Stuff clothes, linen and towels into the gaps so your furniture is completely secure and stable throughout the journey.


While this may seem complicated, it’s merely a matter of starting large and ending up small. This packing method will be adhered to by any removalist in Sydney too, ensuring your furniture will reach its destination regardless of whether you move on your own or find some outside help.


Legal Guidelines


If you do seek out assistance from a local removals specialist, they will have to follow some regulations specific to the country you’re in. These are based on using the loading gates and platforms on the vehicle plus securing items to the walls of the cargo bay. The guidelines here will protect your furniture and prevent any injuries to the removalists you’ve hired to pack your belongings. For your information, we’ll list some of the legal handling techniques required when securing loads on trucks. Of course, these are only some of the rules that apply so you should contact your local government rep for more details.


Ensuring load restraints are suitable

Maintaining sliding and hanging gates

Weight restrictions for handling side gates

Minimising injuries through curtain design


There are many more guidelines, the details of which depend on your country and state. If you are interested, your mover should be happy to discuss the matter with you.


Whether you’re working on your own or with a removalist, you can now effectively load up your truck prior to departure. This should make the move a whole lot safer as a result.

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