Four Great Tips For Restoring The Truck You Love

That old truck has been a major part of your life. It feels like part of the family. Here are some tips for restoring your beloved truck instead of finding a new one.

If you have an old truck that is no longer on the road, there is no need to just let it sit around and go to waste. With a little hard work and dedication, your beloved truck can transform into the ultimate street machine. Here are four great tips for restoring that truck that you love.


Inspect the condition of the truck


If your truck has not been used in a while, it is most likely not in the best of condition. As a vehicle remains inoperative, its condition usually deteriorates over time. Rust is one of the most important factors to consider. Some of the typical places that tend to rust include the exhaust system, frame, bumper reinforcement bar, body of the truck, and the wheel wells. Do not forget to also inspect the various electrical wires and coolant hoses in the truck.


Fire up the engine


If your truck’s engine was running before you parked it, it still should be able to be cranked even after sitting for an extended period of time. The first thing that you will need to do is to completely drain all of the fluids including the transmission fluid, motor oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Any old gas will also need to be siphoned out. After replacing the fluids, use a freshly charged battery to crank the engine. If the engine runs smoothly, you are already one step ahead of the game. If the engine and transmission have high mileage, your best option is to order a new crate engine from reputable dealer.


Develop a budget


During the process of inspecting the truck’s condition, take the time to list all of the parts that need to be replaced. If you are attempting to customize the truck, expect the budget to rise substantially. Before purchasing any expensive new parts, contact a reputable used parts dealer such as 99 Truck Parts to see if they have the component that you need. Finding used truck parts in Vancouver can greatly reduce your overall costs.


Do-it-yourself or hire a professional?


Although there are some aspects of the restoration project that you can do yourself, enlisting the services of a professional may be needed for some things. Hiring an expert to perform tasks such as replacing the electrical wiring harnesses will reduce the risk of a fire.


That old truck of yours is a true diamond in the rough that is just yearning to be restored. With a beautiful paint job and shiny set of wheels, it will look better than it ever did.

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