Which car color to choose for better resale value

For many people, while buying for the car, they may be tempted to buy new or flashy colors contrary to the black, white and silver colors which are common.

However, before you think to buy a purple car, think about if you will need to resale your car. More than 50 percent of all new colors are found in black, white or silver and this shows that many people go for the traditional colors instead of going to flashy colors. This is also the same for the used cars, since many people will choose to buy the same color they would have bought while buying the new car.  

You may also choose color according to the type of the car they are buying. For example, 15 percent of the light truck, minivan or SUV are in the dark green or dark red. 15 percent of the luxury vehicles are found in the dark red or dark blue.  At least 20 percent of the sports cars are bright red or medium blue. This means that you have to be aware of how to pick the right color at the same time the right model. 

Sometime, you may not have to consider reselling your car and you may go for wild colors such as yellow, orange or bright green such as when you are leasing your car but not buying it. If you intend to stay with the car for long, you may also not think about the color of the car. 

Choose the color according to the type of the car 

When it comes to the used cars and new car, Silver leads for the preferred colors. This is because silver is believed to be the color of technology.  Silver also tend to accentuate the design of the colors especially the luxury or sport colors.  Some people agree that silver offers great mental power and the superiority feeling. 

However, silver does not lead when it comes to minivan, SUVs or trucks. While buying the new car, you may think that it does not matter the color you choose, you have to know that the color affects the resale of the used cars. This is because the popular color today will still be popular even in the future and many people will be willing to buy it instead of buying other colors that are considered unpopular. 

The most popular colors 

A less popular color can affect the price of your car but the amount can depend on the model of the color, the value of the car and the color itself. If you want to resale your car, you may have to stick on the neutral color like the gray, black, white or silver.  If you go for the purple, yellow or orange color, you may get problems when it comes to reselling your car. The research has found out that some people may prefer to change the brand of the car they had in mind before, if they are not able to get the color they like. This is shows how the color is powerful. The most popular colors are black at 12 percent, white at 15 percent and silver at 23 percent.

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