5 Ways to Tastefully Décor Your Car

The line between being “boring” and “an eyesore” is thin when decorating your car, but here are a few ways to achieve the perfect balance.

We have all seen cars with owners that have gone overboard in the attempt to “personalize,” like those on youdrivewhat.com. But with no personality or customization, a car can be cold and boring. The line between being “boring” and “an eyesore” is thin, but here are a few ways to achieve the perfect balance.  


1.      LED and neon lights are becoming quite popular, especially since the Fast and the Furious series. Under glow or outlining are a great way to add some pizzazz and flair to your car; however, there are some strict legal guidelines for their use. They cannot flash red and blue (for obvious reasons), or be excessive, which means avoid distracting or blinding other drivers. Check your state for specific laws, as some states prohibit their use on public roads or anytime the car is in motion. You may not be able to get the complete Fast and the Furious or Tron look, but a small amount of lights on the running board, outlining the license plates, or around the floor of the interior should work great.


2.      Pins are quite popular at the moment. You can find pins, small or large, with just about any picture, logo, or saying you can think of on the surface. Support your favorite team, sport a funny phrase, share your life motto, or display your love of turtles with a few fun pins in the interior of your car. I would not recommend sticking them into any leather, but they will work wonderfully for the cloth ceilings and seats.


3.      You can find small magnets in almost any shape and can stick them to the outside of your car. I am not suggesting you cover every square inch of your car, but a couple small groupings will add a fun look without looking overdone. A small cluster of magnets around the license plates, above the wheel wells, or a couple around each door handle would be a nice addition.


4.      Make it fun for your passengers! Place a blank notebook or sketchbook in the back with a few pens and let your backseat passengers write, doodle, and entertain themselves to their hearts content. When the book is full, look back and see what kind of treasures it contains! You can also stick a couple disposable cameras in the back seat pocket next to your notebook and invite your passengers to take a picture or two per trip. When you get them developed, you can see each trip from a new perspective!


5.      If you want something a bit classier than a bumper sticker, try a domed sticker. Domed stickers are preferable because they are a customizable sticker with a clear, flexible urethane bubble over top that is water, rust, scratch, fade, salt, acid, oil, germ, and chemical resistant. DomeTag is a great place to start if you want more information. You can use them to display political views, funny sayings, pictures, or even do a little marketing if you have a business or are an independent seller of a product.


Follow these tips for a personalized car without that “overdone” look, and enjoy showing off your ride!

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