Car Rental Options & Benefits

Why consumers are more frequently renting a car as opposed to using alternative methods to get around, such as public transport.

Each car rental company offers a different fleet of cars, as they try to compete with one another to become the ‘best’ and most popular car rental company. However, there are other features that a potential car rental customer must look out for, including:

·         Any extra costs for returning a car late, without the sufficient level of petrol and insurance etc.

·         How much these costs will be on if and when the extra charges apply

·         What services they offer customers

·         Any discounts; if or what the car rental company will offer for repeat customers for example.

There are some car rental companies that do not make it clear to a customer if and what the charges are for not filling the vehicle to its maximum capacity upon return, for example.

On the other hand, hiring a vehicle does have its many benefits in comparison with other alternatives. For starters, hiring a vehicle is a great way to be able to afford for a person to drive without having to stump up a lump sum of money to purchase a vehicle. This makes it a great alternative for those who need transport for a certain amount of period who can’t afford to purchase a car.

Why so Popular?

Renting a vehicle has very quickly become a popular choice amongst business owners, employees and leisure drivers. Hiring a vehicle is a very cost effective way for drivers to travel as and when required. More often than not, hiring a vehicle works out cheaper for a business professional or leisure driver to get to and from their destination, as opposed to travelling by train or flying as public transport can be relatively costly. Adding to the fact it could work out cheaper than travelling using public transport, is the convenience factor.


Convenience can play a major part for businesses in terms of being able to enable its employees to get to and from their desired destination without having to rely on public transport. Public transport can take much longer for a person to get to their destination, especially if there are delays due to one of many possibilities, such as, natural disasters, broken transport links and so forth. This can cost a company time and in turn money.

Other Benefits for Renting a Vehicle

There are other benefits, including having the option of purchasing the car after the long term car rental agreement has finished. This of course will enable a person to purchase a car or vehicle cheaper after the rental agreement has come to a head and therefore, a great way to purchase a car if needed.

Again, a consumer doesn’t have the issue of having to pay for the car upfront, especially if they are unable to purchase a car on finance due to a bad credit rating etc. It’s also a great way for businesses to supply company cars to their employees; businesses can hire cars for a certain amount of time and purchase the car after a certain amount of time. This is great for businesses who want to offer prospect employees an incentive for personnel to work for them rather than their competitors. Some companies are unable to compete on salary expectations and instead or additionally offer a company car to the top employees.

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