5 things to consider when looking for a good car rental deal

A good car rental deal can save a lot of money and make life a lot easier – here’s how to get one

Renting a car can be a relatively expensive experience; whether you’re looking for a holiday car, or a temporary solution to your current transport problems, these top tips will help you search out the best deals in the car rental world.

5. Give the little guys a guy

It’s rather a misunderstanding that the bigger companies are always cheaper than the smaller ones; in fact, quite often this isn’t the case. Additionally smaller firms may be more willing to negotiate than their large, corporate counterparts.

4. Renting for a holiday? Look for package deals!

If you’re renting a car for your holiday abroad then you should look into the deals that are on offer by your airline or travel agent; they can very often provide the best price for your car rental; however it is always worth comparing them with others before you go ahead and book.

3. Book early!

Generally speaking car rental deals are cheaper the earlier you book. However rental rates can also tend to fluctuate, so keep an eye on the latest deals. Should a cheaper rental come up, you can always cancel the existing booking to take advantage on it (there’s no charge for cancelling a car rental booking).

2. Getting the cheapest deal can sometimes be a false economy

Whilst many would automatically look for the cheapest price for a car rental, you should consider factors such as distance and convenience. Sometimes the hassle of having to drive 30 minutes away simply isn’t worth it, and your local car rental company may have just as good a deal if you negotiate with them – Avis often have great deals through oz-coupons.com/avis.com.au

1. Top tips to ensure extra charges don’t cost you dear

After you’ve gotten your perfect car hire deal, it is important to bear a few things in mind that will prevent you paying any extra charges at the end of the hire period:

Take pictures before the rental of any damage to the vehicle, no matter how minor.

Ensure that you are sufficiently insured to drive, either through the rental company or on your private insurance. It goes without saying that the price of a crash whilst uninsured can eclipse the rental price hundreds of times over!

Be careful! Although it sounds like obvious advice, you should take care with your hire vehicle over and above the care you take with your own. Remember that you are not used to it and, whilst you may feel confident after 30 minutes or so, there are always events on the roads that you may be ill equipped to deal with not knowing your vehicle inside out.

Hopefully these tips have given you a start on finding the best car hire deal out there, however always remember to do your research thoroughly and ensure that you really are comparing like for like. There may be specific differences in the terms and conditions that mean that you’re not getting as good a deal as you think. In other words: always read the small print, not matter how boring it may seem!

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