Manual To Drive A Formula One Car

Sauber F1 team has created great manual on infographic to help you learn how to drive Formula 1 car. Formula One steering wheel explained! Download PDF manual.

This is so cool, this is for those who are interest in how to drive real Formula 1 car.

Following are the controls most used by the drivers during a race:

? Shifting levers
? KERS boost
? RPM / Fuel / Pedal
? Radio (R)

Some additional information:

? Average number of shifting events per race (all races): 2’750
? Grand Prix with the highest number of shifting events per lap and per race: Singapore (70 per lap, approx. 4’270 in total)
? Grand Prix with the least shifting events per race: Belgium (1’980 in total; 44 per lap)
? Grand Prix with the least shifting events per lap: Brazil (36 per lap, 2’556 in total)
? Average KERS boost button usage: 4x per lap, >220x per race
? Average use of team radio: <1x per lap, >30x per race

All clear? Then hop in and start your engines! If not, don’t hesitate to ask…

And, as a special service to our fans, here is a link to download a high-res PDF of this infographic (A3 / 4.2 MB):

Download:  Manual To Drive A Formula One Car.pdf

Source: Sauberf1team Google Plus profile

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