Endurance Go Kart Racing – What is it & How to Get Into It.

Endurance Racing is one of the ultimate and purest racing you can do. It’s more on the strategy your car’s performance and drivers skills to the point of fatigue.

Endurance go kart racing is fun and can be extremely competitive when you move higher up in the different classes. This version of go kart racing is a like the Le Mans endurance race, which is the oldest active sports car endurance race still running.

This European-style racing puts the drivers to their limits. Every aspect of what they do on the track and how they do it is watched closely. A minor mistake along that process can be the factor of winning and losing this type of race.

There are multiple levels of endurance races you can compete in. The 30 minute, 45 minute and 24-hour events are the most popular in the racing scene. It’s expected that you have multiple drivers for the 24-hour event, since a 24-hour stint on anyone’s body is too much to handle.

From the different types of racing events, there are also different classes to race in. Depending on your skill level, it ranks from basic to pro class. There are also different engine restriction classes as well as other restrictions on the racing go kart to make it all about the driver and not the one with the best machine.

There are race tracks all across the world and most clubs and racing schools welcome newcomers into the sport. If you’re interested in trying this sport out I recommend looking for a local racing club in the area and they would get you on the right track.

Usually, starting out you’ll need to have the following before getting on the track:

Full-face helmet, usually is a Snell SA2005 model

Driving suit, which will help protect your body from the high speeds and if you crash

Gloves, for protection and gripping the steering wheel

Driving shoes

Once you have those four things you’re ready to pick out a starting kart for the tracks. While in the beginning you might want to get something much faster and with more customization. Racing go karts from Road Rat Motors like their 200cc TAG kart is perfect for entry level drivers. It’s ready to drive right out of the box and is tuned for most race environments.

The final thing you need is a few buddies to help act as your pit crew and extra drivers, depending on how long the race event will be. Go kart racing is the breeding ground of racing legends; like Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button and Ayrton Senna, maybe you’ll be the next one to follow.

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