Why should you get a cold air intake for your car?

Why everyone should get a cheap cold air intake and a high flow air filter for their car. It give more power to your car/truck and it improves your MPGs.

So why would you buy and install a cold air intake on your car?


Cold air intake isn’t just a cosmetic modification to your car, it is one that can save you money over time so do read this short article.


You see most cars come with very restrictive engine air intakes.  Why does this matter you ask?  More restrictive the intake is the harder your engine has to work to receive the air, which it needs to breath.  Look at it like this, how far could you run if someone made you bread through a straw?  If it works hard to bread, you get lower MPG’s and your engine also has less power.  You see by opening up the intake of your engine, the engine breaths better and there fore makes more power with same amount of fuel, which in turn yields better MPG’s


Another problem with most of stock air intakes is that they breathe in hot engine bay air.  It is very hot under your hood, and most cars suck that hot air in, instead of getting fresh cold air that is just outside of the engine bay.  Why is hot air a problem?  We all know from our days in school that hot air is less dense, less dense air means less power and harder working engine so lower MPGs.


And the last problem with stock air intakes is the stock air filers.  Stock paper filters are very very restrictive.  Cone high flow filter will give you power and MPGs, but when combined with a 2.5 or 3″ polished aluminum cold intake tube, increase in horsepower and MPGs will definitely be noticeable.


Now you don’t have to go spending $100-200 on a name brand cold air intake, don’t be a fool.  Name brand intakes use the same polished aluminum tubes as eBay or cheap off brand cold air intakes, which only cost $20-40 and work just as well if you choose the right one.


So you see now, a cold air intake is actually a useful modification to your car.  Unlike purely cosmetic mods like lowering suspension or a license plate hide kit by 007LicensePlate.com, cold air intake can give you more power and save you money on gas over time 😉


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