The Top 5 Family-Friendly Cars of 2013 the Whole Family Will Love

Knowing what car to get for your family can be daunting. But with some of these suggestions you are certain to not go wrong!

What does your family want in a car? Many need space. Others need fuel economy. Some expect high tech features. Here are five-family friendly cars that have topped the best car lists of 2013. Before investing in a new car, families may restore life to their current car by investing in good tires and other small fixes that can make your current car exponentially better.


Minivan: The Honda Odyssey


The Odyssey offers an extremely flexible interior space. The seats can disappear with the push of a button and leave a flat cargo hold. Teens and adults who sit in the middle will appreciate the extra 1.5 inches that they can adjust their seats to gain more hip room. The center seat can slide forward five inches, adding precious leg room for the rear seat occupants. That center seat also can bring baby into the parents’ easy reach. The available cooler in the glovebox keeps baby bottles, juice and soda ready for use. The gas mileage is the top of its class with 28 mpg/highway. Don’t wait for a new car. Keep everyone safer with new tires from http://simpletire.


Hybrid: Ford Energi C-Max or Hybrid C-Max


The C-Max family can match or beat the Prius in terms of fuel efficiency and, where applicable, electric prowess. The family driver will appreciate better horsepower than the Prius and many other competitors in both the hybrid and electric categories. Ford has concentrated on maximizing space in the C-Max, and this should help families feel more comfortable. For instance, the Prius offers 93.4 cu.ft of passenger space while the C-Max offers 99.7.


Wagon: Subaru Outback


The Subaru Outback remains a good value for families. This wagon offers a reasonable baseline price that allows families to add the tech they prefer. It gets 30 mpg/highway and offers more than 105 cu.ft. of space.


Sedan: Nissan Altima


For roominess and technology, it’s hard to beat the Nissan Altima’s price. It is stylish and offers great horsepower to keep the driver happy.


Small Sedan: Honda Civic


With its well-known longevity, the Civic remains a great car for families. It is one of the least expensive cars to own due to its unique combination of high fuel economy, expected lifetime/longevity, and historically-high resale value. It may be on the small side but it offers great technology, the LATCH system for children’s carseats, a 60/40 split rear seat and a generous trunk.


Whichever car you decide on just remember that safety and securtiy come first when driving your family around town so don’t skimp on your reasearch.

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