Why You Should Consider a Diesel SUV

Diesel SUV’s are back and better than ever!

Diesel received a bad reputation a few years ago, and there’s a very god reason why. Even ten years ago, the diesel vs. gas conundrum left gas as the clear winner. That’s all changed, and diesel is now a great option for lower fuel costs, smooth rides and fewer maintenance trips to the mechanic. Diesel has had a massive upgrade in recent years, and it’s time you reconsider the underdog of fuel.


The biggest complaint about diesel SUVs is the noise — and they were noisy. They used to smell of exhaust and the vibration made you think you were riding a combine. Thanks to new technology and construction, however, diesel is now just as smooth and aroma-free as its gas-powered counterparts. You won’t be able to tell the difference between diesel and gas based solely on driving an SUV, but the differences are immense in other categories.


Fuel Economy and Maintenance


Diesel has always boasted better fuel economy compared to gas, considering it’s denser with 147,000 BTUs of energy. Gas also needs to work harder to deliver the same performance as diesel, which means it burns through fuel faster. Now that diesel SUVs regularly come with direct fuel-injection, these machines also use fuel more efficiently than gas engines. There’s less waste, which is great news as the gas prices soar, and it’s also more environmentally friendly.


Compared to gas engines, diesel is also more durable which means there will be fewer trips to the mechanic. Many SUV manufacturers rely on diesel technology companies that create engines for big rigs, which are designed for heavy driving in all types of environments. Diesel SUV owners get all the benefits of that research without having to learn how to drive a semi. Whether you drive around rehab facilities in Florida or only commute five miles per day, less maintenance is always a good thing.


The Cost


Years ago, diesel fuel was much more affordable than gas, but that’s no longer true at first blush. You’ll notice the cost per gallon is similar, and sometimes diesel is even a little higher. However, it’s not wise to depend only on gas station signs for this information. Since diesel is easier for an engine to use and waste is minimized, diesel is actually more affordable than gas.


Diesel is also a green option, since lower fuel emissions are guaranteed with these engines. Any excess diesel fuel is burned in the air, and many diesel owners can even get a tax break with their new SUV purchase. Diesel has decreased road taxes compared to gas, you may qualify for a $1,300 tax credit, and they’re safer than gas engines, too. The number of car fires in diesel engines is much lower since it doesn’t ignite via spark, help keeping your family safe.

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