Things You Should Consider Before Ordering a Custom Van

Ordering a Custom Van
We are now seeing a greater number of custom vans on the UK’s roads and country lanes. These customised vans vary greatly, but the most popular are generally camper conversions designed for holidays and long

We are now seeing a greater number of custom vans on the UK’s roads and country lanes. These customised vans vary greatly, but the most popular are generally camper conversions designed for holidays and long weekends.

If you are one of the many people that are thinking about purchasing a custom van this summer, there are a number of very helpful van finder websites that you can visit like These companies have a wide range of vehicles to look over and are a great place to start your custom van search.

However, before you select a van and hand over your hard earned cash, there are a number of important things that you should consider. Below we will look at a few of these considerations to help give you a better idea of just what to look for when buying a custom or conversion van.

Your Requirements

Before you start your search for a custom van it is always a good idea to sit down and carefully think about what you intend to use your custom vehicle for. If, for example, you only intend to use it for the occasional trip to the coast or a fishing weekend, you could save yourself quite a bit of cash by purchasing a panel van. A panel van may not have all of the accessories that a fully fitting camping van has to offer, but for many it can still be used as a comfortable, low cost camping vehicle. However, if you intend having long traveling holidays, a dedicated fully fitted custom van would probably be the better option.


It is also very important to carefully think about what size of vehicle would best suit your needs. If you are planning a long trip with your family or friends for example, a larger van would definitely be a more comfortable option. You also need to consider storage, parking issues, fuel consumption as well as of course, how you feel about driving a larger vehicle. Most good van finder websites will have all of the specifications you require, including: length, width, weight and berth.

Where You Intend to Go

Before you choose a van it is important to think about where you intend to be taking it. If you are planning some recreational trips that require driving on unsealed roads or tracks, a smaller 4WD vehicle would be better suited than a larger rear or front wheel drive one. If, however, you plan to be spending most of your time driving on major roads, a larger less rugged vehicle would be perfectly suitable. You can of course get vehicles that can handle any kind of terrain, but if you know where you intend to go, a dedicated van is usually a much better option.

Engine Size

The size of a van engine can make quite a significant difference to the price of the vehicle as well as the overall running costs. Make sure you get the right sized engine for your needs. If you are only planning short trips, a smaller engine size will normally be more than adequate. However, if you are planning longer trips or holidays, taking in mountain ranges and long stretches of highway, a larger engine size would probable be a better choice.

The Price

Before you purchase a van be sure to check comparison sites or motoring magazines for prices. You may find that you can get vehicles significantly cheaper through these magazines and websites than from your local van dealer. If you find a cheap deal online, many local garages will also drop prices to compete.

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