Are Old Auto Injuries Plaguing You?

Auto Injuries Plaguing
Although driving is convenient, it’s also an activity that can be dangerous.

Although driving is convenient, it’s also an activity that can be dangerous.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than two million adult drivers or passengers treated in emergency departments in the United States, just in 2009 alone. Unfortunately, though, even when people receive prompt treatment for injuries suffered during an automobile crash, some issues may have lasting effects.

Soft Tissue Injuries

X-ray machines make it easier for physicians to precisely diagnose automobile injuries related to broken bones. Soft tissue injuries, often more simply referred to as sprains and strains, are harder to pinpoint, because the effects don’t show up on an X-ray film, but these types of problems can cause people to suffer for years after an incident.

The standard treatment for soft tissue injuries is prescription painkillers, which are intended to give a patient enough relief so that the injured muscles can heal on their own. However, some of these widely prescribed pills also may have addictive side effects, especially in patients who already have a history of over dependency.

Fortunately, a growing body of healthcare professionals have begun to realize that it is sometimes necessary to go outside the bounds of traditional treatments, and look elsewhere. The AARP website is a frequent destination for members of the aging population, but it published an article about using guided imagery in pain relief that could be useful to people of any age. Some professionals say that responses in the brain cause patients to continually suffer with pain, even after tissues have healed. Guided imagery may be a beneficial way for patients to target the mental and emotional effects of an automobile crash.

Traumatic Stress

Sometimes, the effects of a car accident are not as visible to the naked eye as a physical injury, but are still just as serious to the people who suffer from them. is one website that offers car insurance comparisons, making it easy to insure your vehicle. Information there also stresses the need to anticipate potential hazards. Even if you’re a great driver, it’s still necessary to look out for all the other people on the roads, because they may not be as diligent or experienced as yourself. Over time, some people become complacent about being aware that an accident can happen at any time, and this may be one of the reasons why traumatic stress problems are so common following an automobile incident.

Posttraumatic stress disorder has received more attention by the media lately, especially related to soldiers coming back from war zones. However, a themed website published by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs cautions that posttraumatic stress disorder is not just limited to people who are serving their countries.

Statistics on the website warn that motor vehicle crashes are extremely common, and just in the United States, there are more than three million per year, affecting more than one percent of the total population.

Acupuncture Interventions

In 2007, the National Institutes of Health conducted a pilot study to gauge the worth of using acupuncture to treat people suffering from excessive stress after a traumatic event. The therapy involves a practitioner who inserts thin needles into certain pressure points on a person’s body.

Researchers looked at symptoms like depression and anxiety across a group of 73 patients who were previously diagnosed as suffering with posttraumatic stress disorder. Then, some participants were either assigned a treatment regimen consisting of acupuncture, or group behavioral therapy, while others were part of a control group. At the end of 12 weeks, it was found that those who received acupuncture saw almost identical effects as those who were treated with group therapy. Also, both of those groups noticed superior results as compared with the control group.

Although similar research about acupuncture is ongoing, results like those seem promising for people who may be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorders after an automobile accident, and are reluctant to rely on drug therapies alone, or find themselves turning to harmful coping mechanisms like excessive eating or drinking to manage stress.

If a past automobile accident is compromising your present way of life and threatening your future, too, there’s no need to feel discouraged and embarrassed, even if traditional methods of treatment don’t seem to be effective. Consider some of the possibilities above to get your life back on track and start to thrive again after a traumatic event.

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