3 Most Common Reasons For Road Accidents

Road accidents cause a high number of deaths in the US every year. Road accidents occur on a daily basis and the sad fact is that most of them can prevented.

Road accidents cause a high number of deaths in the US every year. Road accidents occur on a daily basis and the sad fact is that most of them can prevented.

Distractions During Driving

Driving on a straight road may appear like a simple thing to do. But distracted driving leads to more than 305 of road accidents in the US. With an increasing number of drivers using cell phones, the problem has worsened over the last decade. Drivers might want to be aware that reading that text message or updating their status on social media websites is secondary to personal safety. By chatting with their friends during driving, they are not only placing themselves but also other drivers on the road in danger.

Other than cell phones (these currently top the list of distractions while driving), reading the newspaper, putting on make-up and fatigue are also a major cause of distractions during driving. Distractions are dangerous because the driver’s attention is diverted from the road and is focused elsewhere.

Switching music CD’s are another major cause of distraction. The Cd’s can slip to the floor (and often do). But remember, it’s cheaper to buy yourself a new CD rather fix a fender bender that happened while you were bent down to retrieve your CD. Also avoid eating when you drive. Reaching for a napkin can distract you from the road.

Driving While Drunk

Alcohol is responsible for clouding your judgment and influencing your reaction times while driving. A drunk driver is simply not in full control of his faculties and you need for your senses to be at their sharpest when you drive. New jersey laws state that any individual with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.08% or more is considered too drunk to drive.

The law also states that if a parent or guardian is found driving under alcohol influence along with a minor in the passenger seat, he or she is liable to be barred from driving a vehicle for six months after the offense. Avoid taking risks, if you want to enjoy a drink or two, call a taxi to take you home safely.

Road Rage And Aggression While Driving

Aggressive drivers are more prone to driving fast and trying to bulldoze their way to their destination. Aggressive driving is closely associated with road rage. Drivers who are easily provoked and have a short-temper have a propensity to display road rage, where they take out their frustration on fellow drivers.

Getting excessively angry can divert your attention from the road to your negative emotions and this acts as a distraction. Avoid over-the-top annoyance while driving and learn to keep calm.
In the event of a road accident in New Jersey, contact a personal injury attorney NJ as soon as possible.

In order to reduce the number of road accidents, it’s important to understand what causes them in the first place. Stricter traffic laws and more public awareness campaigns can help prevent road accidents.

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