5 Items That Should Be In Every Man’s Garage

Making your garage a place where you can relax while working on your favorite project is paramount. A place to escape by working on your car can be a great break from your hectic day but making sure that you have some “no brainers” in your garage can be a great relief.

Your garage is more than just a storage place to for your vehicles. It is the command center of your outdoor, automotive and recreation activities. It is best when a well-organized mind can create a lair of solace and tranquility. The garage is something that tends to come together gradually and you acquire items as you need or desire them. While all that may be merry and fine, here are five things that should be in your garage.


Jumper Cables

When you need them, you need them. It’s great to have one for each vehicle. Being known as the guy in the neighborhood with the extra set of jumper cables will work in your favor when you need to borrow something from someone.



You should have the quality tools you need. As you build your collection be sure to buy good storage equipment. Power tools are expensive and garage theft is a concern. Be sure your garage door is well-maintained and effective at preventing break-ins. Consider having a lockbox for something extremely valuable, just in case you don’t feel safe about your Bosch parts being out in the open.


Mini Fridge

What good is a garage if you have to leave it to grab a beer? Keep your fridge well-stocked with beer and bottled water so you can be a good host when the neighbors stop over to help with a repair or shoot the breeze. If the guy across the street is taking time out of his weekend to help you fix up your 1967 Shelby GT-500, it’s only fair to hand him a cold one.


Radio and/or TV

The garage is your home away from home. Make it comfortable with appliances so you can keep up with the game as you do maintenance and repairs. As people buy flat screen televisions they are quick to part with their old ones, which they just want out of the way. Find a sweet deal and put it in your garage. With tunes blazing or the game on you’re sure to get the motivation you need to finish some projects.


Bungee Cords

You don’t want to be that guy. You know, the one who tries to haul something in their truck bed and loses it on the road? Bungee cords will secure things you need to haul. You can use them to secure a trunk lid that needs to stay open temporarily to transport an item. Bungee cords are the unsung heroes of moving things safely and securely.


These are just a few things that make your garage an enjoyable and useful space. Your garage is more than just a catch-all for clutter and a place to park vehicles. It’s an efficient and valuable refuge to help you relax and escape from daily stresses, but only if you make it that way.

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