How to avoid Online Car Buying Fraud?

Read the article to learn how to avoid online car buying fraud which is so common these days.

Nowadays, people complete different transactions via Internet; they sell and buy things using social media, eBays, and other sources. Some people even sell or buy vehicles online. Buying a vehicle online, however, may be rather risky. Thus, I will tell you how to avoid online car buying fraud.

  The scenario of common online car buying fraud is the following; the scammers create a website where they advertize several vehicles, usually luxurious cars. They introduce themselves as overseas sellers, so you will not be able to see the vehicle you are going to buy unless you pay them.

  The payment is usually done through an escrow service. The scammers often create fake escrow accounts so that the unsuspecting buyers think their money is in the safe place. However, as soon as the money is on the escrow account, the fraudsters disappear taking all the money and delivering no car to the buyers.


  Here are several signs of online car fraud you should look for:


If the car’s price is too good to be true, then there is something wrong there.

Usually, online car buying scammers do not want to meet with the buyer or to speak to him/her on the phone

The seller requires you to send the money as soon as possible using a bank-to-bank transfer service


  And now see several tips on how to avoid online car buying fraud:


Do not buy a car that you can never see or inspect

Always ask to continue negotiation over phone or face to face

Do not buy the vehicle is you feel the seller is pressuring you into the deal

Never buy a vehicle using bank-to-bank transfer services

Always try to buy a vehicle from a local dealer or at least local private seller

Do not buy a car that you have never test driven


  Remember that online car sellers are rather imaginative and it may be difficult to find out whether they are really fraudsters or honest car sellers. Also, always trust your inner voice to be able to avoid online car buying fraud.

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