Essential Considerations for Buying a Used SUV

Essential Considerations for Buying a Used SUV

If you’re on the lookout for a second hand 4WD or SUV, you’re making a smart decision. These hardy vehicles offer great performance and flexibility whether you’re simply taking it around the city or traversing the wilderness. Of course, the world of used cars is full of pitfalls so you should mentally prepare yourself before shopping for one. When it comes to SUVs, here are some of the most important aspects to think about before you hand over your hard-earned cash.


1) Know What Your Needs Are


Since 4WDs come in a wide range of sizes and styles, you should always take your driving needs into account and then try to find a model that suits these to a tee. This means you should ask a number of questions about your driving habits before deciding on a particular SUV. Some of the most important are listed below although we should note that this is a summarised list of potential considerations to make.


How many passengers will you have?

What types of objects will you carry?

Which road conditions will you drive on?

Will you be towing a trailer as well?


Also think about the financial aspect of this. How much money do you have to spend on a used vehicle? Don’t forget the insurance either as this is an added cost that some people forget about until it’s too late.


2) Buy from a Reputable Dealer


When out and about looking for a second hand 4WD, you’ll come across vehicles for sale from private owners as well as used car firms. In this case, the latter will be far more reliable as these specialists will have checked for any issues and conducted the necessary repairs before putting the SUV up for sale. By purchasing from an individual, you run the risk of buying a vehicle that causes more problems than it’s worth.


This means you’ll need to seek out a dealer who sells a wide range of off-road vehicles which are in excellent condition at some affordable prices. While this may seem a tall order, the biggest independent dealer of family cars in Newcastle is but a quick web search away. This means you can browse over their extensive selection, keeping any eye out for any models you are interested in and then visiting them in person for a test drive later on! Forget about wasting time visiting private sellers who may offer you a dud SUV. Instead, get in touch with a local dealer and optimise your chances of finding a suitable automobile.


3) Be Aware of What to Look For


Lastly, you should always have an idea about what qualities to seek out in a second hand 4WD. First, choose a vehicle that’s between 2 and 4 years old as this will optimise your chances of saving money without the risk of purchasing a used car that ends up broken down in a few weeks. When it comes to the history of the vehicle, try and purchase a 4WD that has only had one previous owner. The more owners a car has had, the higher the chances are that it comes with serious mechanical problems. This is especially true for SUVs which are less than four years old. Some other qualities to look out for include:


The mileage that comes with the vehicle. Experts suggest you aim for less than 15,000 miles (24,000 km)

A detailed maintenance record. If the owner kept all the service and repair receipts, there’s a good chance the vehicle is in excellent condition.

A reputable brand. Do your research about that make or model and see if there have been any issues or recalls in the past.


Just be smart and you can buy a second hand 4WD or SUV that actually benefits you and your family. Being careful about the off-road vehicle that you buy will help you avoid potential pitfalls such as unexpected breakdowns or dodgy backgrounds in the future. With the above advice, there is no need to be nervous about buying a used vehicle. Simply be aware of what can go wrong when buying a second hand car and you’ll be more likely to steer clear of danger as a result.

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