3 Reasons Why Small Industry Players Should Buy Used Trucks

When you’re playing the highway giant’s game, you better be prepared for the entire package.

When you’re playing the highway giant’s game, you better be prepared for the entire package. Statistics show that a truck takes almost 80 to 90% of the total operating costs, with an estimated lifespan of 5 to 7 years. A truck can run a total of 1.2million kilometers on good roads and decent diesel fuel. Due to the fact that maintenance and fuel costs tend to rise, we recommend using used trucks to deliver the materials to your clients, especially if you are a small player in the industry. Meaning if you run a small construction business or a small gas station, don’t invest in a new truck to do the delivering. Here are three reasons why you should.


Reason #1: Always Think about Smart Investments for Your Business


If you want to survive in the next 3 years, it is highly advisable to think of smart investments. Evaluate your funds and the availability to invest. A new truck can be a huge investment for your business, but not a healthy one. You can realize this type of investment might “eat” your funds and instead of using them for actions that provide a solid return on investment, you would just be wasting them.


If you want to make a smart investment, invest smaller amounts of money. Buy a used truck that will satisfy all the needs and deliver just as good as a new one would, only with little investment funds.


Reason #2: Relate to the Feasibility of a Product for Your Business


A feasible product for your business means it is the best suited. Again, if your business is small or medium and you cannot afford to invest too much in products, go for used products and products that are feasible not only for your business but also feasible for your finances. Think and plan ahead, do not buy a product or material or truck only for the present. Will you still need it 3 years from now? Will it still be useful? Where do you see your business in three years? Can you afford an investment?


Reason #3: Affordability and Usefulness for Your Business


Last, but not least, each assessment you make to your industrial business must be useful and affordable. As an industry player, it is important to decide if the assessment is a must and if it serves a purpose. The good part in buying a used truck is that:


It is affordable. Sometimes, you might get it at half of its original price

It is useful. Others used it before you for their business. Once their business has grown, they decided to sell it and make another purchase. That is how the circle runs.

It has already been tested by others.


If you find all of the three above points, then you know it is time to make a purchase for your business. But before that, think as a businessman: an assessment must show a return on investment, otherwise it is a poor investment that will benefit anyone. For more information, you should try the used trucks by Sotrex, an online trucks website, in order to get an estimation price according to truck age, type, brand, fuel and other details.

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