The Great Cadillac XLR

The history of the Cadillac XLR convertible.

Not a lot of changes for the Cadillac XLR in the 2000s. We do get to purchase it in an Alpine White Limited Edition that comes equipped with 18″ chrome wheels and a cooler grille. The Magnetic Ride Control system is also tuned up for 2008 and there’s also the option of having a heated steering wheel. Chrome rims are also offered as options with 18″ wheels for the XLR and 19″ wheels for the XLR-V.


The Cadillac XLR boasts of the following: 440-horsepower Supercharged Northstar V-8 Engine, Rear-Mounted Hydra-Matic Six-Speed Automatic Transmission, Handcrafted Leather-wrapped Interior, and Adaptive Forward Lighting System -Series Design Cues.


The 2006 Cadillac XLR is equipped with a supercharged 4.4-liter Northstar V-8 engine, good for 440 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque–120 horsepower. The 32-valve V-8 is backed by a Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission.


On the rear wheels, the Cadillac XLR-V has a 4.4-liter V8 engine that consists of 443 horsepower and 414 pounds per feet of torque. Control is directed all the way through a 6-speed automatic transmission that has manual shift ability. The XLR-V has been timed from zero to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. The brake operation was 119 feet from 60 mph, which is adequate.


This Cadillac is the first to be equipped with Adaptive Forward Lighting, which uses sensors that read steering wheel angle input and vehicle speed to determine how quickly and how much to turn the headlights. The Cadillac XLR has polished wire mesh upper and lower grilles; unique nineteen-inch, ten-spoke aluminum wheels; a hood bulge; and four stainless-steel exhaust tips.


The Cadillac XLR is power by a V8, 4.6-litre, 320 horsepower engine, with 320 pounds per feet of torque. It is a 5 speed transmission that you can either drive in automatic or turn a switch and do it manually. Cadillac used cars like the XLR are rear wheel drive and uses a stability and traction control system to handle any types of weather. The one neat thing I luv about this vehicle is the ability to drive it manually or automatic; it gives you that option to either take it easy or press the pedal to the medal when driving on the highway!


The Cadillac XLR hit the market for the first time in the year 200The vehicle falls under the category of luxury-style roadsters. It is produced by the General Motor’s luxury branch, Cadillac. The XLR has its assembly plant situated at Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States.


Featuring an increased 123 of horsepower and 114 pounds of feet of torque more than the standard XLR model, the Cadillac XLR-V is much quicker to respond. Bend forward on the throttle while the XLR-V propels onward on a surge of excellent, stimulating torque. Despite the rigid suspension system, the XLR-V is in spite of everything, adjusted more for thoroughfare driving than complete usage, this means it seems suppler than models from its competition. Together with the relatively weighty and frozen steering system causes the performance roadster to give the impression that it is a bit out of its element on meandering roads.

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