Sell a car better than car dealer

Do you want a sell a car, and in same time you want a real price? Don’t worry I’m going to show you some tips how to sell a car better than car a dealer.

I have some great tips how to sell a car better than a car dealer, and if you follow my advices, I’m sure that you’ll be satisfied with your sale. First and most important things for selling a car are milestones. This advice is good for both sellers and buyers.  Unfortunately just like all other things, cars have a lifetime too. However, there is some difference between all other things and for cars. For cars are not important years, and its all about milestones. Milestones affect the cars’ value, and you should pay attention if you’re going to sell a car. You have three milestone scale when you are selling a car, and I guarantee if you follow that you’ll sell a car better than a car dealer.

1. 30,000-40,000 Miles

Do you know why many cars are returned to a dealer after it passed 40 000 miles and why people are doing it? It’s because many cars have a bumper factory warranty that expires at 40 000 miles. After this scale, your car needs major services and after that more maintenance and money for fixing. Believe me, it doesn’t worth it, and you should listen to these advices and slowly get rid of that vehicle. When you make major services after that all wear items such as brakes and tires need to be replaced or in some cases repaired. Keep in mind that you can sell a car for better price if it doesn’t pass scale above 36 000 and before a major servicing.

2. 60,000-70,000 Miles

Don’t let this happen, if your car comes to this scale, then major service is more expensive than the first one. Besides that car, value goes down and has lower price. Except major service you should probably change belt that cost, and if you don’t change it, there are bigger problems. One of them is belt snap that can cause engine failed and more $300 for servicing. If you don’t sell it below first scale, this is great opportunity to sell a vehicle and still earn some money.

3. 100 000 – over Miles 

If you want  to sell a car better than a car dealer don’t let this happen. When your car passed this scale 100 000 miles believe me. It’s only for trash. After this scale, your car lost value, and it almost don’t worth anything. If your car is near to this scale consider selling it before  pass 100 000 miles. You still have chance to get any money, and it’s better anything than nothing. It has very low value price because of many factors such as; interior and exterior condition, engine, brakes and tires, etc.  So keep in mind this tips about milestone and sells your vehicle in right time.

Except advices about milesone you have many other advices how to sell a car better than car dealer such as , consider market and check price guides, survey your competition, investigate market and set afordable price. Beside that you there is more one very important tip and it’s safety.

When you are selling your car, especially if it’s some expensive car you should  check if your buyer is seriously and sold it to someone who is confidential. Sometimes you can come to situation to get robbed. Besides that you should go never at sell meeting alone. You have a better choice with company if someone wants to cheat you than that you go alone, and you should always make negotiation in public places such as shopping parking lot. You can avoid this troubles if you choose some auto broker. Maybe it’s not the best deal, but it’s much safer. Keep in mind that life is more precious than anything, and if you don’t have good experience with strangers hire someone to do it for you.

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