Muscle Cars

Muscle Cars are high performance vehicles produced in early 60 and 70s. All these machines are tied with two doors with v8 engines suitable for street drag racing.

It’s an important part in American history because these cars are produced in the USA. Today you can find many sites that offer attractive muscle car videos. 

First muscle cars that are manufactured were very small cars with monster engines under the hood. As we mention before there were designed for racing and it didn’t have the high performance agility of Formula EU vehicles.  

For example cars like 49′ Oldsmobile Rocket 88 and 51 Hudson Hornet powered with V-8 engine glamorize the muscle car culture. Today you can find a bunch of pictures with muscle car girls on it.

In 1960s cars from Plymouth, Dodge and Chrsler became the standard for these car types powered with Mopar parts. It actually stands for motor parts and they represent parts for Formula D racing too. Beside that they are sponsoring for drag race cars. 

The Pontiac Tempest GTO was one of the best muscle cars ever built. That was a bad boy in the car world because it has large engine and a powerful body!  Beside that Tempest had black finish grille and 2 air scoops.  At that time it was a very affordable vehicle and it cost only $ 3200. 

Famous Muscle Cars

The car that lifted the entire industry was the 1964 Pontiac Tempest GTO. This car very much fit the bad boy image, as it managed to skirt around rules of having larger engines in mid-size cars. This car also had the stealth factor going for it, as the emblems were discreet. It had a black finish grille and two air scoops. It was very nondescript for a muscle car, and then the police would not notice it at first glance. This machine was also very affordable for this time, available for $3,200.

Beside this one Ford Mustang was a very important muscle car with many selections, low price and jaunty feel. First it wasn’t a muscle car but when it got V8 engine, it quickly became famous in the car markets.

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