Get Your Son a Stylish Go Kart on His Birthday

Stylish Go Kart
This blog helps you to choose a best gift for your son. Go kart is a perfect gift for your son.Electric powered go kart engine is perfect for your kid than gas powered go kart engine. Electric powered go kart can be used inside or outside the house.

Congratulations daddy! Instead of buying your son a gaming console where he’ll just sit around and exercise his fingers, you decided to give him something he can actually grasp and play with – a go kart. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a go kart is a small motorized vehicle that has one or two seats and open top. Go karts have been popular these days that it has been associated to both leisure and racing.

Go kart made its debut during the 1950s after it was devised from unwanted lawn mower engines. It has four wheels with steel framework and no protective bodywork. Today, modern go karts come in different colours and design to suit your style and preference. The four wheels and padded seat are still the same but the difference lies in the body. And go karts for kids even come with seatbelts for added protection.

Because of the popularity of this sport, kids nowadays are inclined to go karts. To help you in your choice, here are tips you should consider when getting your son a go kart for his birthday.

Tip No. 1: Choose a child-friendly kart. Adult karts can reach high speeds which can be too much for your kid to handle. Always go for karts that have extra safety features. Choose a kart where you can set the top speed or has a remote device or an on/off switch to regulate the speed of the kart. And don’t forget to include a seatbelt for added protection.

Tip No. 2: Get the dune-buggy style frame. Go karts these days come in variety of designs. You can go for a traditional ‘stripped down’ go kart or a Formula One racer type of frame. But when it comes to your son, getting the dune buggy frame is the best choice.

Remember that the frame protects both the engine and the rider. When it comes to your son, you don’t want to expose him too much especially when danger arises. Dune buggy goes karts works best because the roll cages give extra protection in case the kart trips over.

Tip No. 3: Go for electric-powered go kart engine. Go kart engine can either be gas or electric powered. When it comes to your kid, always choose electric-powered. Gas-powered produces exhaust fumes which is not good for your kid’s health.

By having an electric-powered kart engine, go kart can be used both indoor and outside the house. It uses safe, non-flammable and rechargeable batteries with lower maintenance costs. Although an electric kart may be heavier compared to gas-powered engines, it adds weight which increases the kart’s stability. So even if your son went faster, he will have no difficulty in handling the speed. And it’s more environment-friendly with less noise so you son cannot disturb you even when he’s playing inside the house.

Above all these, it is important to supervise your kid every time they use the kart. Kids tend to be overly excited when they receive things such as go karts on their birthday. To minimize injuries or risks, make sure you’re around every time they ride the kart.

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