Why Full Suspension Bikes are so Popular

Know the popularity of suspension bikes which is the easiest style of mountain bikes to ride.

Recently, full suspension bikes have become more popular, and with good reason. For many mountain bike riders a full suspension is a must have. Gone are the days when these bikes were heavy and a little unwieldy. They are no longer tricky to ride. In fact, they are now one of the easiest styles of mountain bikes to ride, and they perform so well that many professional cross-country riders are now using them, and they are winning on them.

The same weight as a hard tail

Modern materials and new manufacturing techniques have allowed companies to produce full suspension bikes that are as light as a hard tail. The reduction in weight makes them easier to transport and, importantly, makes them easier to control. It also means that they go fast over terrain that is not as rough.

More comfortable

Most riders find a bike with front and back suspension more comfortable to ride. The rear shocks absorb the impact as you ride over rocks and into, and out of potholes. Your body no longer has to absorb and cope with the shock.

Better traction

The rear wheel stays in contact with the terrain far more than other kinds of bikes. This has the result of giving the mountain bike better traction, which helps you to maintain forward momentum.

Easier to ride

Having both front and rear suspension means a smoother riding experience. For beginners, this is a huge plus because it is easier to stay on the bike and travel in the intended direction.

Fast cornering

Braking bumps slow riders down as they enter bends. With Cannondale full suspension bikes the wheels stay in contact with the ground, this means less braking bumps and the ability to take bends at a higher speed.

Regardless, of the kind or riding you do or how experienced you are your next bike really should be a full suspension mountain bike.

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