Future Of Electric Vehicles In US

As the level of pollution is increasing steadily, US car makers are making no bones about that we need to get used to Electric cars otherwise we have a difficult future ahead.

When the concept of electric vehicles began gaining the ground during discussions, the automobile future seemed optimistic. There were perceptions leading to the vehicle that would be completely revolutionized, 100% emission free and beyond all the expectations. However, when the vehicles got launched and the eager buyers tested their hands on the so called environment friendly engines, the optimism faced the reality. The electric vehicles failed to sell, and there was a dire need to consider the issue more seriously than was thought.


There were two main factors that led to the immediate show down of the electric vehicles on the roads:



These electric vehicles were immensely costly. In spite of the Federal Government lending a hand in keeping the taxes down and the banks granting a negligible interest loan amount in the quickest duration possible, the electric cars moved the owners back on account of the cash that was to be borne. In 2012, the electric vehicles were starting with a minimum range of $30,000, and moved up on the price ladder with the varying brands and models. The mileage offered was far less than the fuel driven cars. Such prices are fair enough to get a brand new traditional car from the top brands to stand in front of the door. As a result, the markets saw a failure.


The Misleading ‘Zero-Emission’:

The electric vehicles were considered emission free and promised to be environment friendly with no fuel emission. But, the statement left considering the charging of the heavy batteries which emitted more fuels than the carbon fuelled car. Practically, the metals used for making such batteries namely copper, nickel, tin, tungsten, cobalt etc. were extracted from the earth in an unfriendly manner. It brought the complete concept of emission free to the questionable grounds.


The Futuristic View:

Despite of the continuous down sales and the overall non acceptance for the electric cars, there are areas which are urban and densely populated threatened by the pollution. The electric vehicles work as a solution to the specific problems that these cities are facing. With the researches on and the various ways being explored to keep the costs down, there may be a time when the electric cars get affordable and the technology presents these as the most benefitting product of the time.


With the increasing prices of the gas, and a deficiency of the fuel that is predicted to be the reality within a century, there is a dire need to think of the alternatives well ahead of the demands. The electric vehicles handle these problems.

There are certain issues to be considered, which if settled can give these vehicles a breakthrough:


Lighter Batteries

Less charging time

Low manufacturing costs


The initial payment cost in particular is the main factor that currently holds back the prospective owner to accept these vehicles. However, with the technology entering in every field, automobile may see Electric Vehicle conversion very soon in the near future. That will be the time when the electric vehicles will rule the roads.

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