What Makes the Tesla Model S So Special?

This article talks about the Model S and describes some of its most desirable features. From the impressive specs of the engine and the battery, to the smart start feature and touch screen navigation.

Electric cars have been something of a dream for a while now. From a financial perspective they are highly appealing to the commercial market and for the planet they offer a great alternative to the very environmentally-unfriendly petrol alternatives. However they are still very much in the ‘dream’ territory as they don’t offer the kind of practicality or appeal that you would expect from a ‘regular’ vehicle. There aren’t the facilities for topping up your battery power (meaning you need to plan your routes and your energy consumption very carefully), and the cars lack the ‘wow’ factor that you might get from other cars with similar price tags.


The Model S however addresses one of these issues with aplomb – offering an electric sports car with luxury features and impressive horse power to match the most desirable petrol alternatives. By making electric cars into something that people actually want, Tesla threaten to make electric transport mainstream and – dare I say it – cool. Read on to find out what sets the Model S apart from the rest…




The Tesla Model S boasts an 85kWh battery that is capable of pumping 270kW of juice to the rear-mounted AC induction motor. This result in 443 pound-feet of torque delivered to the tarmac and when you combine this with 416 horse power you get an impressive 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.




The Model S has 7,000 lithium-ion cells which give the Model S an impressive 265 mile range. This will right away reduce the risk involved in using electric vehicles for travel – you won’t need to refuel at any point for the majority of journeys and can instead worry about that before you leave and once you get back.


What’s even more promising for the future of electric transport however, is the prospect of Tesla’s ‘Power Stations’. These refuelling stations should be popping up all around the world soon, making it relatively easy for most people to refuel while they’re travelling should they need to.


Smart Start


If you are looking for a cool gizmo to help sell your Model S to friends, then the smart start feature should do it for you. When you approach your vehicle with your keys in your pocket, wireless communication will allow your car to unlock and open for you saving the effort of so much as turning the key. Then, once you sit in the driver’s seat with the keys in your pocket, your Model S will recognise you by your weight and the dashboard and everything else will spring instantly to life. Now that’s flashy.




Instead of a conventional dashboard with conventional features, the Model S boasts a cool touch screen display around twice the size of the iPad. This gives you access to satellite navigation, but also Google Maps. If you need to find a restaurant in your area – or more likely a Tesla power station – then this will make it a synch and you’ll feel like George Jetson while you get directions.


Do you want one yet? Then the Model S is doing its job…


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