A Look At The Ford C-Max Hybrid

Hybrid cars were introduced to American consumers over a decade ago. Since then, sales have mounted significantly.

Hybrid cars were introduced to American consumers over a decade ago. Since then, sales have mounted significantly. Data shows that approximately 440,000 hybrids were purchased in 2012. Aside from the fact that hybrid cars offer drivers relief from spending exorbitant amounts of money on gas, they’re also eco-friendly. Consumers, however, have lots of options. Car manufacturers from Toyota to BMW sell hybrid cars. Ford’s new C-Max Hybrid is competing for attention in a competitive market. Nonetheless, many are impressed.


It’s not easy to make it onto the list of top ten hybrid cars. C-Max Hybrid, however, is one of these contenders. Ford has been assertive at positioning its C-Max Hybrid next to the highly successful Toyota Prius. In doing so, it has invited, not shied away from the comparisons. Both cars are hatchbacks that can be plugged in. They’re both also economically priced. Fans of the Ford C-Max Hybrid say that any similarities between it and the Toyota Prius V, however, stop right there.


There are car buyers in America today who make an effort to support the domestic automotive industry. For that segment of the market, by that criteria alone, Ford’s C-Max wins. More demanding buyers, however, will want to be sure that the C-Max meets more stringent personal requirements. Looking at the Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel economy stats, it appears that the C-Max beats the Prius. The C-Max ranks at 47 mpg in every measurable regard. There are some who argue that EPA stats and the reality of driving the C-Max are worlds apart and that C-Max drivers will find it difficult to get these results themselves, which may raise some doubts about its ability to reduce their carbon footprint. At any rate, the C-Max performs well when being propelled by electricity. The hybrid being a complex concept, most drivers will be hard-pressed to discern when exactly their C-Max is being powered by battery and when it’s being fueled by gas. The more technical minded, however, will learn to read the indicators and gauges.


When it comes down to the rubber meeting the road, the C-Max doesn’t disappoint either. If you’ve ever driven a Focus and enjoyed it, then you’ll like the C-Max for the same reasons. For a small car, its interior is roomy and well-designed. Those of above-average height will appreciate the fact they don’t have to keep their heads bowed when seated inside. Few complain about the functionality of its touch sensitive dashboard. It’s more of a tiny minivan that provides ample storage, though because of its small size, parking a C-Max in a busy urban area or crowded mall is a breeze.


The C-Max comes with some nice features. Depending on which of the two trims that you choose, you can expect to have a sunroof, talking navigation system as well as heated seats. The C-Max allows about five passengers to comfortably fit inside. While there are those who critique the exterior look, few have anything negative to say about the inner craftsmanship of the C-Max once they’re safely strapped into it. In fact, the sound system is conducive to listening to music with thick treble and bass, something that should be particularly attractive to younger owners. Of course, you can pay more for extra speakers if you want to create more of a surround sound audio experience. The number of choices available in the green car sector are growing every year. You can shop until you drop as they say, though the C-Max is a good bang for your buck. It won’t be simple to find a hybrid that satisfies so many needs and is all yours at the thrifty base price of $25,200.


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