Sports Cars Have Taken It up a Notch

Learn all about the latest American engineered electric and hybrid models that can hold their own on looks and performance.

When you think luxury and class, you probably never thought that you would see the day when energy efficient and solar powered would flank the phrase. Well, now you can. High class sports car companies are coming out of the woodwork with luxurious models that can be either be gas powered or electrically powered, and now solar powered. How much do they run in price? Not that much actually. There are beautifully engineered, from the inside out, sports cars that run from the low ball price of $60,000 or the higher range of close to $90,000. Doesn’t seem like much of a jump from the higher end sedans your mother in law drives, does it?

Even if you’re a hardcore Aston Martin, Lamborghini or Ferrari fan, you can find something to your liking that will lightly reflect the beauty of those ridiculously expensive vehicles. Those cars of course are the tip top of the coliseum cars that people murder each other for. Of course, you can’t ever replace the performance quality of a Ferrari with an energy efficient lower priced model. The main reason being, that these energy efficient models don’t have the speed range of those high class cars and are not meant to be driven as those big dogs are. You still have a great range of speed for the average driver who obeys the speed limit but you can’t really go over one hundred and thirty.

The new models of these eco-friendly new sports cars are Tesla and Fisker. Fisker was founded in 2007 with the intention of creating the first hybrid high performance vehicle that was good for the earth and your pocket. To my surprise the company is American and the first of the American line of new and improved vehicles that has ever managed to turn my head considering the influence of the European cars I love. Henrik Fisker was formerly a designer for Aston Martin and BMW—if you know about the V8 Vantage then you know his work. Fisker is the first of its kind to incorporate a full top covering that is entirely solar panel made. Drivers have the option to switch back and forth between gas and electric, allowing you to maximize the battery life and gas tank. It may not be one hundred percent emission free but they are making it possible to decide whether or not you use electric or gas. I would think about taking out a simple cash advance, trading in your current gas guzzler and getting yourself one of these or the following model.

The Tesla was founded in California as well, Palo Alto to be exact, and prides themselves to be the absolute all electric solution without the pretense of making any of their cars hybrid. They have the experience, the drive and the engineering power to keep it strictly electric. The Model S is their most popular model yet and being founded in 2003, you could say they are the American pioneers of the zero emissions vehicle that drives with grace and won’t mess with the environment. This car takes the cake over the two for me, and considering the cost of gas per gallon these last few years we have got to push in another direction and help the automotive companies see the beauty and economic power of these electric vehicles.

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