The McLaren Supercar – a Wonderful Driving Experience

Having the chance to step into the shoes of the world’s fastest racing drivers has to be an experience of a lifetime for anybody who loves cars.

There are some brilliant venues where specialist companies offer people just that, to get behind the wheel of a dream supercar and one of the most popular is the McLaren. If you are looking for a thrilling day out doing something you’ve always dreamed of, then taking part in a day “at the races” offers you a wonderful driving experience never to be forgotten.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Getting to drive a few circuits in a McLaren supercar means having the time of your life. However, the day starts out with some expert instructions on how to handle one of the most powerful and expensive cars on the planet. Driver safety is of the utmost importance which means safety aspects are taken very seriously with a thorough briefing being the first part of the tuition you get when you first arrive at these venues.

It’s the job of the professional driving instructor to give you all the information you need on the various driving techniques needed to test just what a McLaren supercar is capable of. There’s a choice of packages one of which is to drive this supercar for a thrilling, high speed six mile driving experience with your instructor at your side – the final lap sees you jump in the passenger seat while your instructor takes the wheel and shows you how these supercars can perform when they’re driven by a professional.


A powerful and sleek driving machine

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Who Can Drive a McLaren Supercar?

The McLaren is one of the most powerful supercars around; as such not just anybody can jump behind the wheel and have a drive in one. There are specific guidelines that have to be adhered to at all times. The minimum age for drivers is 18 but there is also a minimum height limit of 4′ 10” with the max being 6′ 2”. A driver’s weight also plays a part in whether they’d be able to drive the supercar too – with 20 stone being the max.

You would also need to have a full UK (or European) licence which you have to have held for at least 12 months if you hope to jump behind the wheel of one these supercars, and you’d have to take it with you for your day out at the track because without having it, you would not be able to enjoy a brilliant drive.

How to Book a Thrilling Day Out

It’s always a good idea to book a day out driving a McLaren well in advance with some companies recommending you do so at least eight weeks ahead of the date you would like to spend at the track. The best part is you can take friends along to watch you drive and the venues usually have on-site catering facilities. If you opt for race track experience driving a McLaren, you should expect a thrilling couple of hours putting the supercar through its paces under the expert supervision of a professional instructor.

You can make a booking online with a chosen company and decide which package to opt for.  Most websites are really easy to navigate so you can see exactly what the deal includes, what time you need to get there and what you need to take with you for your day out driving a McLaren supercar.


If you love cars or maybe your partner is a supercar fanatic, a day out at an amazing venue where you get to drive a dream car is a thrilling experience never to be forgotten. The great thing about booking a supercar experience; is that you really get to step into the shoes of a racing driver for a few hours. This all takes place under the watchful eye of expert driving instructors who makes sure you stay safe from the moment you arrive to the second you get behind the wheel for your first lap around the track in one of the world’s sleekest supercars.

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