Hyundai Ready to Return to World Rally Championship

Since Michel Nandana come to head of Hyundai Motorsport make Hyundai i20 WRC, which will soon be ready for the first series of tests, the team is busily working on the completion of the technical, sports and marketing personnel.

The key names behind the project i20 WRC are already know. Chief designer, Frenchman Bertrand Vallat, prior engagement in Hyundai Motorsport worked for Peugeot Sport, which has contributed greatly to the development of the 207 S2000. Next to it there is Stephane Girard, head of the engineering department, who previously worked for the current engagement teams: Peugeot Sport, Maserati Corse, Subaru World Rally Team – Citroen Sport and Prodrive.

City Manager team won the Belgian Alain Peñas, who was his long experience created by rally teams Toyota and Peugeot. The first man in charge of the production and technical personnel who will carry out intensive testing Hyundai WRC car, whose performance is planned for 2014th year, called Ernst Kopp. Previous experience gained through sports projects Toyota Rally, endurance racing and Formula 1.

By making team from the beginning, we were faced with a big and exciting challenge. We have only nine months to be fully prepared for the season WRC 2014th With the best people in the industry, their boundless dedication and passion for racing, I am confident that by the start of the championship all be in place, “said Michel Nandan.

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