5 Tips on Finding a Reliable Mechanic That Works With Your Budget

The best time to find a mechanic is when you don’t need one. Here are a few criteria you should use to choose a mechanic who you can trust, but that also fits within your budget.

The best time to find a mechanic is when you don’t need one. There will be a time soon when you’ll need emergency repairs. If you wait, you’ll be stuck with the only one who isn’t busy. That might be the single worst way to find a mechanic.

There are methods to find a reliable mechanic who is willing to work within your budget, but it entails building a relationship with your mechanic. Before building a relationship, finding one worth the time and money is key.



Most people find a mechanic because it’s a garage in their immediate area or a family member recommended the garage. A better process for finding a mechanic is to do your research with people qualified to make judgments on a mechanic’s skill. There are many car forums online specific to your model vehicle. People trade talk and recommendations based on their experiences.


Local Car Club

Many vehicle models have their own local car clubs. You may not be trying to get customized body work with painted flames on your car, but they will have recommendations of mechanics that can be trusted. According to auto professionals who specialize in auto repair in NYC, these car clubs are immersed in the local trade and will be knowledgeable enough to make judgments on who is reliable, cheap and can be trusted.



Once you’ve found a few to research further, it’s time to visit the shops. Take a peek into the mechanic bays. Ones that are well-lit and organized are professional. They will be reliable because they are being run like a legitimate business. Outside in the yard, check to see how long the cars have been sitting. Rusted junk that’s been there for weeks might be a sign of a problem. It might be a customer problem, billing or work practices.



Think of your mechanic like an employee. Interview him or her as if you were hiring them to work in your office or store. Many mechanics are busy, but will take a few minutes to speak to a potential new customer. If the mechanic is rushed, rude or dismissive, that same mechanic will not be patient enough to explain problems or issues while working on your vehicle.



The policies of the garage go a long way towards telling you about the reliability and prices of the garage. You don’t want a mechanic who will make repairs without your permission then charge you later. A mechanic should talk to you about your choice of parts, the labor costs and other options besides replacing the part. Talk to the mechanic about different scenarios to see how they would handle your vehicle.


Finding a mechanic is tough, but you’ll be happy you researched thoroughly instead of relying on whoever wasn’t busy when your car broke down. Doing a little digging and finding a good regular mechanic is worth your time so that when you do have car problems, you can get it taken care of quickly and at the price you want.

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