The Car Servicing Secrets Mechanics Don’t Want You To Know About!

Servicing and maintenance are some of the most important aspects of owning and caring for a car.

Servicing and maintenance are some of the most important aspects of owning and caring for a car. Like with any mechanical device, if you don’t ensure that your car is maintained on a regular basis it can start to become inefficient, perform poorly and ultimately result in rather expensive garage bills for repair work!

Many people dread having to take their cars to their local garages in Britain, because more often than not they will be hit with expensive bills even for the simplest of servicing jobs! 

But did you know that if you service and maintain your car at home yourself, you could save an absolute fortune thanks to these secrets that mechanics don’t want you to know about? Here is some information on those secrets! 

MOT tests

You will doubtless be aware that any car which is more than three years old is required by law to pass what’s called an MOT test. This annual roadworthiness test ensures that your car meets certain minimum requirements to be safe enough to drive on Britain’s roads. 

It is a well-known fact that some car mechanics make a lot of money out of their customers during MOT time, as they will often “advise” uninformed people about certain work they should have done – even though it doesn’t need to be done for at least a year or more! 

Some of the most common examples include new brake discs and pads, exhaust parts and even certain engine repairs which wouldn’t ordinarily fail an MOT test. 

Before you send your car off for its annual MOT test, you should perform some simple pre-MOT test checks so that you are aware of any issues (and can challenge any warnings given by the garage if they are wrong). 


Garages can charge anything from £35 to £100 an hour in labour, depending on where you take your car to and if the garage is independent or affiliated with a particular car brand. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and investing in some commonly-used tools, you can actually service and maintain your car at home and pocket some cash! 

One useful thing about living in a technological age is that there is a plethora of retailers that sell discount car parts online, with many websites even selling what’s known as “original equipment” parts; in other words, parts that are sold from main dealers. 

It’s also pretty easy to find out the answers to any repair problems you might come across thanks to the number of self-help YouTube videos and car enthusiast websites offering information for free, not to mention the car repair manuals that you can buy online or from your local motor factors. 


I’ve seen evidence of unscrupulous garages that charge customers hefty repair bills for “fixing” electrical problems with their cars when all the issue was down to was a connector plug not being fully inserted into a tail light bulb circuit board, for example. 

Such a job is literally a 10-second fix, and other common electrical problems can often be solved by using cheap tools like multimeters as the cause is often water ingress causing certain electrical components to not make proper contact with each other.

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