Easy Ways to Fix a Flat Tire On Your Own

Ways to Fix a Flat Tire
When it comes to fixing a flat, here are the easiest ways to take care of it temporarily.

A flat tire seems to always appear at the worst time, like at rush hour, or along a winding road. However, flat tires are a common occurrence that should be treated with calm concentration. As you pull safely to the side of the road, you are not relegated to waiting three or four hours for a tow truck. Take care of that flat tire on your own with some handy tips.

Fill It Temporarily

Once you step out of the car to evaluate the flat tire, you may not even notice any damage. It is possible that you have a slow leak, such as a tiny crack in the rubber causing the lost air. In these cases, it is possible to fill the tire with air, and make your way back home slowly. You can change or buy a tire once you are in the safety of your driveway or garage. This tire fix requires you to carry some compressed air in the car. You may even have a small compressor in the trunk. Fill the tire carefully, avoiding its full capacity level. Examine the tire for several minutes after you fill it. If it appears to hold the air, try driving for one or two miles. The key is to drive slow to prevent more air loss.

Plug It

Plug kits are perfect tools to keep in the car. These kits consist of a reamer and various plug sizes. If you find an obvious flat cause, such as a stuck nail, you can still fix the flat. Remove the item, and use the reamer to form a hole that can accommodate one of the plug sizes. Press the plug in the formed hole, and fill the tire with air using your canned air or compressor. The tire should hold the air long enough to venture home, if not longer.

Carry A Secret Weapon

One of the newest trends is using expanding foam to shore up the tire from the inside. Keep one or two cans of this foam in your trunk for emergencies. Once you have a flat tire, you simply attach the can to the tire, effectively lining it with hardened foam. You can drive on the foam once it cures, typically after 10 minutes.

Just Change It

Although it takes considerable effort, changing your tire may be the easiest way to fix your flat. Start the removal process by loosening the lug nuts. Jack the car up safely on the chassis, and remove the flat tire. Place your spare on, tighten the lug nuts loosely, and lower the car down to the ground. You can tighten the lug nuts completely when the jack is removed. You have fixed your flat with the spare, allowing you to drive to the nearest tire shop for a replacement or patch job.

Fixing a flat tire takes consideration of your surroundings and tools. To stock your car with the best tools for emergencies, visit http://www.toolsandmachinery.com/dewalt-parts-1/. You want to be as prepared as possible to fix the tire quickly, allowing you to stay safe on the road at all times.

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