You Like Driving your Expensive Car, Right? Tips for Keeping it on the Road

Sphere motorsports is best independent exotic car repair & service shop in Houston. We offer services on Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati & many other exotic cars in Houston.

You’ve spent a small fortune on the newest of the Ferrari cars and it’s treated you well for many years without issue, but nowadays your high stakes street racing conquests have the suspension feeling a bit rattled. What do you do? Do you let it ride off into the sunset or do you put some juice back into the old beauty? Well, the answer should be pretty obvious considering the massive investment you’ve made- you should let a professional exotic car repair shop deal with it. Nobody wants their car to perpetually live inside an auto shop, but it happens from time to time, although a couple tune ups a year are definitely not a bad thing. So to save you a few trips to the specialty car docs where questions like “how did that potato end up in your exhaust?” and “why is there bacon grease in your gas tank?” might pop up, here are some tips on keeping that nice Ferrari (or Honda Civic) on the road for years to come.


Go to a high quality auto detailer every three months or so. A common misconception regarding detailers is that they only deal with the aesthetic appeal of the car. While this is certainly true in part, a big part of what they do is keeping your car’s health up there. It might include an engine clean or an inside vacuum- either way, it pays to keep the gunk from piling up on you.


Buying a car is easy; maintaining it is difficult. After months of great driving, it might be time to go and visit a car shop; but make sure it’s not a generic repair business that couldn’t tell the difference between a Geo and a Porsche even if you paid them. It needs to be a specialty, high-end auto shop with plenty of experience- one that can tell the difference between a Geo and a Porsche, without pay. Ask them for package deals and car-specific questions. Make sure they tailor the overhaul to the type of driving style you prefer. Since it’s winter time everywhere except Texas, you might need a battery checkup considering they often fail in cold weather climates. Brakes and tires have to be thoroughly maintained, especially in the cold. One slip up could mean a post-Ferrari existence for you- no one wants that, apart from your jealous neighbor. Finally, keep your car parts consistently lubricated. Cars work just like human bodies and need lubrication to move efficiently- some oversight here could prevent joints and bearings from retiring too early.


Hopefully your car won’t need too many repairs, but eventually when it does take it to a quality repair shop. Sphere Motorsports has been in the exotic auto care business for quite some time and has worked with important drivers like Mika Salo, Scott Dixon, Mark Blundel, Maurico Gugelmen, and Timo Glock. So next time you’re driving through Houston and your car’s pleading for a quick tune-up, stop by Sphere and watch the magicians at work.


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