Change to LED bulbs and mark the end of days of the battery consuming auto bulbs

Electricity and lighting is a very important aspect to ensure the comfortable progress of our day to day activity.

Electricity and lighting is a very important aspect to ensure the comfortable progress of our day to day activity. Two of the most important technological advances in lighting have been LED lighting and xenon lighting. LEDs use less energy compared to other lamps and because they last longer, they rarely need to be replaced. The use of Xenon gas in electronic applications LED to the creation of xenon bulbs. Xenon offer better and brighter vision in comparison to a halogen, using the same amount of wattage. 


LED lighting is one of the most profound inventions in the lighting industry since the electric bulb. Since the 1960s when red LEDs were being used in scientific calculators, LED has come a long way; presently, LED bulbs can produce every color of the rainbow and are used in nearly every gadget that we use. The use of LED has come into the limelight as it has the potential to overtake CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs) and incandescent bulbs.  LED lighting has transformed the world of lighting functionally and aesthetically and opened up new possibilities with its various applications. Today, LED bulbs can be pre-programmed and changed at will, simply at the touch of a button to create desired effects. 


LED technology is advantageous in many ways compared to incandescent bulbs and CFLs. As they are bright and have a narrow focus, they are suitable as indicator lights for example in cell phone chargers. LED light bulbs if covered with coated filters can scatter and soften the light to have the same bright effect like those of an incandescent bulb and CFL. LEDs live longer and are much more durable too. 


With current ongoing research of LED with silicon base, LED light bulbs are expected to become cheaper. LEDs are also environmental friendly as they use less energy and do not contain mercury like CFLs. LED lights immediately reach full brightness without delay, hence are ideally used as car brake indicators, providing drivers with quick indications, hence better reactions and safer roads. The applications of LED are also notable in LCD televisions and growth lights for indoor planting. LED bulbs have low current and voltage requirements and radiate very little heat.


Xenon bulbs produce whiter and a wider spread of light than a standard or halogen bulbs. Nighttime vision can be increased with use of xenon as the wider spread light covers the entire road and the roadside too. As white light is the color of daytime, use of xenon lights on the roads reduces night time fatigue of the eyes and helps drivers focus better. The crispy white lighting produced by xenon bulbs also looks aesthetically attractive. Xenon lights are not only limited to car head lights, but can also be used in sidelight bulbs. The application of xenon gas is also used in film projectors and long arc-lamps.


Due to their many advantages and very few drawbacks, xenon and LED technology may well be used to lighten up the darkest corners of the world!

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