Qualities to Look For in Your Private Car Hire Company

A private hire car company is the first place you turn when you’re in a new city or on holiday.

A private hire car company is the first place you turn when you’re in a new city or on holiday. You can find car companies specialising in luxury cars or budget vehicles. Whichever you choose, they all need to have the right qualities or you’re wasting your money. Without going into the technical details and the various laws dictating the operation of these companies, here are the qualities you should look for in a car hire company.


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Big Company


Normally, it’s common to receive advice saying you shouldn’t avoid the smaller companies. In this case, it can be a disadvantage to be small. Big companies have more outlets and points where you can drop the car off at the end of your drive. If you rent from a smaller business, you have a very limited number of places to deliver the car, and this is troublesome if you intend on covering a lot of ground.


Customer Service


Customer service is something you should demand from any company, especially in car hire. When you arrive, it shouldn’t take a long time for you to get the keys to the car. You should be in and out in a matter of minutes. Good customer service doesn’t just revolve around not insulting the customer. It’s about making the process efficient.


You can easily find out about customer service by going online and taking a look at some of the customer reviews from the company.




You should find out about the stipulations if you’re involved in an accident. Most companies see it as common practice to only have to pay for an accident if it’s actually your fault. Never rent from a company which holds you responsible for absolutely any damage caused to the car.


It’s not fair if you have to pay for damage to the car which was caused by someone ploughing into your vehicle without warning.


Fuel Costs


Petrol is an expensive commodity. You don’t want to pay for more than you have to. One practice some private car hire companies have indulged in is filling your tank to the top and making you pay for it, regardless of if you intend on using it all. This is poor practice and a major hassle if you’re only renting the car for a day or two. You should get a choice as to how much fuel you pay for.

These companies also have a habit of not paying you your money back if you don’t use the fuel. It’s not particularly common to provide refunds for unused fuel, but if you find a local car hire company which does offer it this is something to jump on.




Being late is inevitable sometimes. You can’t always predict the flow of traffic. You want to choose a company which either waives the fees if you’re only a few minutes late or which charges reasonable fees. Reasonable fees are very low and they don’t increase significantly for every minute you’re late.


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