In the Croatia Pags desert road in the winter are recorded the greatest motoring secrets

Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show in the world is shown to the public a new Luxurious Bentley Continental GT Speed ??Convertible. That was eight thousand kilometers from Detroit and neither more nor less than the national D-106 on Pag – Croatia.

The same road, but the entire island, as well as a bridge that connects it to the mainland, they are far more recognizable to the advertisement for another luxury novelty – Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, which last year saw millions of people around the world. But that’s not all, current promotional video clips and photos of the world’s leading premium car companies of the world printed in thousands of newspapers reveal that last fall and winter on the island roads and filming a new Mercedes E-class, sedan, wagon, coupe and cabriolet, and new E63 AMG models, and even a brand new A-Class 45 AMG!

What, then, has island of Pag and what it draws the first violins in the automotive world on its roads paved with stone walls? We found that in the winter months occurs in Pag and why this island became a hit recording for the latest BMW, Bentley, Porsche and Mercedes. First we got the BMW 1-Series, 5 Series Sedan and SUV X5 and Porsche 2009th the Panamera S and 4S, later 2011th with a model 911 Cabriolet, Lexus with 450 mph, Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet, Mercedes E-Class with all models, the new E63 AGM and A-Class 45 AMG.

It started very unusually , the people from BMW come to the island by accident while they were on vacation. A similar story we heard from Ina Schultz Mercedes Department of Global Communications, which revealed that delighted Pag and then proposed to the administration that came to record the promo materials. She added that they were shooting at Pag largely due to excellent maintained roads, good weather conditions in the fall and winter, but also because, as he says, Pag almost abstract landscape. So is the video for the new model Porsche recorded the Pag bridge and njemugdje filming and Bentley.

But when we contacted Mercedes, BMW, Bentley and Porsche to find out details about the shooting, they all remained buttoned up to the neck because it is not in their interest to know where and when the public record cars that have not yet been officially released. We still got hold of some details and even backstage photos from the set, but indirectly, through companies that are world’s most powerful car companies assisting in shooting at us, which you can see in the photo gallery. When talking about the total costs required to capture video, either of them may not know much, except that the whole story is often extremely expensive because it requires bringing the car, great teams, and special techniques.

For the record, first, the police must obtain a work permit of foreign citizens in Croatia, as well as permission to record the previously agreed upon location. On Pag are all very helpful, especially in the city hall in Novalja. Marijan Sulji?, the government clarified that we seek only the request with a brief description of the record and confirm that the company has registered activity required to record commercials. Then the issue consent for recording in public places of the city, or on the beach Zrce unclassified roads issued a rule on the same day when he asked.

People from local production houses praise and cooperation with the police, although his life is complicated by the Pag falls under two police departments. But when it is necessary to record closing roads they always go out to meet it, and depending on the number of people involved and the vehicles it will cost one hundred to ten thousand. Makes it clear that the recording, the traffic is always partially closed up to 15 minutes.

The number of people on the team, he says, varies from 10 to 80 people, depending on whether a photo or video recording of the story that is being recorded, and the necessary equipment. In practice, the special equipment used Quickrig camera with special housings made of special lightweight carbon mass, while the Russian-Arm mobile robotic camera mounted on a crane says that it is simply unavoidable. Video recording was used Porsche 911 and a helicopter with special Wastcam housing.

Right, well, except that Pag is widely known for lace, goat cheese and lamb now known for being a favorite destination for shooting promo material automotive first division. If you go, so that the case, where the off-season, even these days, do not be surprised if you run into some unknown you flashed a new speeder. Enjoy the view from the bar at the moment, because, believe us, once she had you come closer, the panic will cover it with tarpaulin. It is still their greatest treasure and greatest secret …

Pag Gallery
Winter Motorshows recorded in Novalja – Pag in Croatia.


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