Cycling in Idaho Falls

With cycling becoming more and more popular, cities have started incorporating bike lanes and paths to accommodate the increase in bike traffic.

With cycling becoming more and more popular, cities have started incorporating bike lanes and paths to accommodate the increase in bike traffic. Cars and pedestrians are starting to become more aware and look out for cyclists to keep the roads safe for everyone. Idaho Falls is a very bike-friendly city in terms of safety, but even more so in terms of the extensive amount of rides and routes available. The surrounding national parks are equipped with bikes lanes and free admission to all cyclists. If you are ready to join the world of cycling, we have all of the tips and tricks you will need to get started.


If you have decided to start biking and cycling around Idaho Falls, you probably already have a road bike. Depending on whether you will be commuting, competing, or just exercising, you will need more than just your bike in order to keep your ride comfortable and safe. In terms of comfort, you will want to start with the basics! Riding comfortably is so important when you are competing or commuting – especially if you are riding for long distances. Adding a few accessories to add to your level of comfort with help you to riding longer and it will keep you from being distracted by any discomfort while riding. Most new riders complain about their bike seat, and to a certain degree, they can be uncomfortable due to the way they can be positioned. For the most part, newbies get sore because they are not sued to sitting in such a position for long periods of time, which is why a lot of idaho falls bike stores will tell riders to just break in the seat and try to get used to it. If after several weeks of riding you still feel sore, you may consider purchasing a different saddle for your bike.


For safety, it is important to protect yourself as best as you can. Start by getting a helmet and even some sunglasses so your vision is not impaired while riding into the sun. Another useful accessory is a bike mirror. Bike mirrors are used to help you see if there is any oncoming traffic behind you without having to turn around and look. Looking over your shoulder while riding can be very difficult because it takes your eyes off of the road. A mirror is very cheap, and it can be attached to your helmet, sunglasses, or handlebar.


A great place to get all of the help you need to get on the road and get all of the accessories that you will need is at Bill’s Bike and Run. They have a huge inventory with all of your biking and now running needs. Stop by their new location in Snake River Landing and see what they have to offer.

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