Personalizing Your Ride: 5 Personality Reflecting Updates For Your Car

This article talks about personalizing your car.

There are tons of ways to show your personality when you want to customize your car. You might be a tech geek, a music lover, a back road driver, an art major or a video gamer. There are ways to show each of these personalities with a few simple updates.


Tech Geek

You own all the latest gadgets. You have the newest smart phone. You carry around a large tablet in your messenger bag. You even have a smart watch. But does your car connect to any of this? No? Then you should fix that. Get yourself a smart phone dock that goes in your car. Make it the center of your console so you can show off your connection.


Music Lover

This one is easy. You need a decent sound system. You don’t want one with banging base if you plan on hearing anything outside of your own head in the future, but you should get one with great clarity. Make sure the highs and the lows are heard clearly. This will give you the best sound. Your system should be able to play mp3 music also. You’ll be able to build a bigger collection so you can play any music that suits your mood.


Back Road Driver

Tires are an important part of any vehicle. But if you want to go driving on the back roads, you need to make sure you update your tires to the very best you can find. And if you go mudding, you’ll want some good mud tires. It’s such a simple update, but it can make your back road driving so much more enjoyable and safe. And you have to admit, they look awesome when you’re driving down the street.


Art Major

As an art major, you love art. So an excellent update for your car is a paint job. You can always go the classic route of just painting your car one color. But you’re an art major. Find someone who is good with an airbrush and get “Starry Night” painted on the hood or your own favorite piece of art.


Video Gamer

Add a console and a small screen to your back seat. Any time you need a break from a long drive, pull over and play a game. And if you have kids, they’re going to love it too.


It doesn’t matter who you are, there is always a way to make your vehicle fit your personality. So go out there and customize your vehicle. Show the world who you are.

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