Mike Burroughs 1971 BMW e9

This article is special for 1971 BMW e9 enthusiast and if you’re not, don’t worry, you can become after reading this text.

The most successful models come from BMW CS series and first success they achieve in 1970s and 1980s with the new engine. However, first serious model of BMW appeared in late 1961 that completely defeat other models in that range. 


Since then BMW is building cars with four and six cylinders from 1.5 to 3.4 liter that stay in the very important building block at BMW until today. First CS coupe variation appeared in 1965 combining the 2000 sedans’ running gear, inner panels, floor pan and new body design by BMW Wilhel Hofmeister. Model like this has 120 horsepower, and they thought it was underpowered, because of that it got replacement in 1968 with a six-cylinder successor, it was BMW 2800CS. Bmw experts make good trick with this model to get a longer engine; they grafted sheet metal onto the existing body ahead of the cowl and add 2.9 inches in wheelbase. This model had 170 horesepower; it was a less fussy, very torque and aural delight. 

Karmann from BMW built CS bodies very specific, it was trimmed neatly with top quality materials and very luxury. The best success BMW got with this model from 1971 when they were very popular. This model was lightweight with 3.0 CSL, aluminum substituted for steel in many-body panels and greater features that describe a BMW CS 2800 model from 1971.

Mike Burroughs (www.mike-burroughs.com) is the most known BMW fanatic who built infamous E28 5 -series dubbed Rusty Slammington that has been burnt when his garage was burnt down. After that, many people thought he would give, Mike decides for something unusually. He went to Atlanta and buy 40-year-old car. Sellers warned him that BMW 2800 CS is very old car, and it wasn’driven since 2004 and that he must do some serious work to get it back into the road. He didn’t listen to them and buy that car. He adds some new touch for this car with set of 18inch BBS RS chromed wheels and he built in CSL air dam to finish of this beauty. The result was amazing, from old grandy, he got breathtaking BMW that becomes really hit.

You can also check Mike’s primarly website: StanceWorks.com

Bmw 1971 version full gallery with 6 pictures.


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