Mercedes SLS AMG With HRE Wheels

Back in 2010 Mercedes launched specially custom AMG SLS. All car dealers across Europe sold this cars easily.

In 2010 Mercedes launched the specially custom AMG model, with bigger engine, it was really improved badass car. SLS has proven to be a real deal, dealerships across Europe sold out all units at a cost of 177,000 euros easily.

Customers waited in line to get their SLS supercar with gullwing doors, they are decorated dors according to buyer wishes, the first thing people usually want to change are wheels. SLS from image above got a set of wheels from HRE company, three-piece versions S107 with 5-spoke design, they use the best wrought aluminum in order to get the best strength and weight ratio.

Fans of SLS will notice that car from image is equipped with a carbon fiber diffuser too, a huge racing wing and front splitter.

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