Carlex Perfection of BWM 5 Called The Ripper

It’s known that all car makers promises spectacular customization options for their models, but this time Carlex offer us something completely different it’s The Ripper.

For example, they want some amazing colors and design and get a boring design with classic colors.

You shouldn’t worry if you want something special because Carlex Desing presents BMW 5 series like something new! Cars designed by this customize are really amazing, and that’s not seen with any factory configuration yet.

Code name for their best design is The Reaper featured by AC Schnitzed body kit and black wrap specially designed by WrapStyle. It’s not everything; interior of this car is also improved. It has black alcantara headliner, leather seat’s accents from popular Orange Lamborghini and much more. The best part of this car is silver carbon-fiber leather all over dash, console, door panels and steering wheels.

BWM 5 The Ripper
Take a look Carlex perfection called The Riper.


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