A guide to stainless steel car exhausts

This is a brief introduction and guide to stainless steel car exhausts and how they can ehance car performance.

What is a basic exhaust?


The main purpose of exhausts is to allow the gases from the engine to be safely expelled into the atmosphere. It also helps to drastically reduce the noise produced by the engine. Nouvalari Ltd knows that stainless steel car exhausts can be a great alternative to your standard factory exhaust. With a range of benefits such as increased performance and tailored aesthetics it can be a great investment for your car as you will see in this article.


At the front of any exhaust you will find an exhaust manifold one for each bank of an engine. There should be two for a v shaped engine and one for straight engines. The manifold works by collecting the exhaust gases from the cylinders and directing them throughout the rest of the exhaust system. They are generally constructed from cast iron and they reduce the amount of pipes normally required by directing several exhaust ports into either side of one or two pipes.


Modern Exhausts


Modern cars now have catalytic converters straight after the down pipe. Basically they are aimed atreducing the carbon monoxide, unburned fuel and nitrogen oxide from exiting the engine and being exposed to the atmosphere. They only operate when warmed enough from the engine gases.


The remainder of the exhaust system is made up of silencers and resonators. Some cars will have both of these central to the back of the vehicle while others may just have a silencer at the back. They consist of tubes that enable the sound waves produced by the engine to be cancelled out. Any original silencer will be filled with sound absorbing fibre glass or steel wool to provide extra sound resilience.


Stainless Steel Car Exhausts


Most cars have a stainless steel car exhausts because the material itself is sustainable and has beneficial properties. It can easily withstand the heat and temperatures that a cars exhaust is constantly exposed too. Stainless steel car exhausts are also resilient to prolonged exposure to the weather and outdoors with little degradation.


Nouvalari Engineering Ltd located at Common Lane, Nottingham NG16 1HD can offer some great advice and knowledge about the benefits of stainless steel car exhausts. They can certainly change your cars appearance and enhance its performance.

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