Car Wrapping – What you need to know!

Learn all the steps to a vehicle wrap, and what things you need to do right to get an awesome wrap!

Vehicle Wrapping is a fairly new trend which allows people to change the colour of their car instantly without any worry of devaluing the car; like a costly re-spray would. So what goes into a vehicle wrap? and how easy is it to complete?

1. A un-wrapped vehicle comes into the workshop, the workshop has to be at a maintained temperature, otherwise the vinyl would crack in very cold conditions. A good temperature is key to a good wrap.

2. Once the vehicle is in the workshop, preparation work can begin, with most wrap companies; this just means cleaning the car of any dust, primer and any material that is on the car. Reforma go the extra mile in taking mirrors, bumpers and even doors off so the wrap can be completed to the highest standard. 

3. Once the car is prepared the wrap can begin! Large pieces of vinyl are placed onto panels of the car such as doors and rear quarters. Then the vinyl is worked with a heatgun and squeegee to remove any creases and bubbles in the vinyl. 

4. Once the vinyl is applied, it is then trimmed using a sharp cutting knife. The vinyl is then tucked into any recesses, making the vehicle wrap complete. 

5. The car is then cleaned up and ready to go for the customer once all panels and details have been wrapped.

6. To care for the wrap, don’t jet-wash otherwise the vinyl will start to peel away. Just use a sponge or a low power hose and avoid using any harsh chemicals.

7. The Vinyl will last 5-7 years and we recommend that you remove the vinyl in this period otherwise you could cause serious paint damage to your car!

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