The M&D Exclusive Cardesign E500 with 3 Piece Wheels and 401 HP

A Mercedes-Benz E500 Coupe was tuned by M&D Exclusive Cardesign with 3 piece wheels, engine upgrades, exterior styling, and more!

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe may not be the most popular model in the German automaker’s lineup but it does offer a unique boulevard style that isn’t often found amongst German luxury cars. The two door E-Class also has some sport beneath its hood and in its chassis to back it all up, making it a perfect luxury driver. The team at M&D Cardesign have had a great deal of experience with the German automaker’s cars, so when one customer brought their new E500 Coupe to the shop and wanted some more excitement, they were up to the challenge. The German aftermarket tuning company installed a wide variety of upgrades ranging from engine tuning and suspension tweaking to new 3 piece wheels and an aerodynamic body kit.


The team at M&D Exclusive Cardesign first got to work on tuning the big naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V-8 engine sitting beneath the hood. The big and powerful Mercedes-Benz engine was ripe for tuning even though it did not utilize forced induction as a way to create output. So, the team installed a full stainless steel exhaust system to optimize backpressure for the naturally aspirated engine and changed the factory end pipes for OEM SL 63 AMG pipes for a more dynamic look and thrilling sound. After the exhaust was installed, the team reflashed the ECU of the sports car and was able to increase output. The result was a total of 401 horsepower and 560 Newton Meters of torque being sent to each of the rear 3 piece wheels for quicker acceleration.


With more power lurking beneath the hood the German aftermarket tuning company then set their sights on the exterior to showcase the added performance. They opted for a full polyurethane body kit with OEM quality that optimized the car’s aerodynamics. The kit included a new front bumper and spoiler combo, a pair of extended fenders to house the wide 3 piece wheels, and a new rear bumper, diffuser and spoiler combination for better downforce at high speeds. The entire car and its body kit was then painted in a classic white and given contrasting black accents to make it stand out from the crowd.


To finish up the exterior and ensure all of the 401 horses are put to the pavement, the M&D Exclusive Cardesign team installed a new wheel and tire setup. They opted for lightweight forged 3 piece wheels in a wide 9.0 x 20 front and 10.5 x 20 rear setup for a larger footprint then installed new high performance Falken tires. The final modification was a new set of H&R lowering springs for a proper ride height.

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