Regular car servicing means cost benefits for you

Our lives are just getting busier and busier with less time that we can devote to ourselves and our family.

Our lives are just getting busier and busier with less time that we can devote to ourselves and our family. In such a hectic schedule, not only does our family and loved ones feel neglected, but so does our beloved machines which need constant care and concern to run smoothly and efficiently. In this list of machines, cars are at the top of the list; cars regularly need servicing without which the car would not be able to operate normally at all.


Generally it is essential that your car has travelled for a certain amount of distance or a certain time period, before the car requires a series of maintenance activities. Though the variation might differ a little depending on the maker of the car and the year that it was bought in, a general servicing is a requirement for all cars, regardless of their type or make.

The general servicing activities include change of the car’s engine oil, replacing oil filter, replacing the air filter, replacing the fuel filter, replace the spark plugs, fine tune the engine, check level and refill the brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid; grease and lubricate components; inspect & replace the timing belt if needed and also check the condition of the tires.

While we all understand the activities that are undertaken during a servicing routine, what many of us don’t realize is that with regular car servicing, the car engine improves which is reflected in the performance of the car and hence the fuel per kilometer usage.

The improvement in the performance in your car is an indicator of the car engine being absolutely accurate and hence means that the individual has to spend lesser amount on fuel than before, which is a huge cost benefit for anyone. Moreover, it has been seen that a well serviced engine adds more value to the vehicle when it is up for resale and claims to be sold off at a rate than the corresponding market rates.

While, servicing is essential for all cars, car owners should be careful while using a servicing provider. There are many car servicing providers in the market who are fakes and use the business as a con to replace genuine parts of the car with fake ones, which not only hampers the performance of the car, but also drastically brings down the value of the car in the resale market. Hence it is absolutely essential one chooses a car servicing provider with care.

There are many professionals in the city who are specialists and have a MOT Test Centre, and offers car servicing, vehicle repair and air conditioning maintenance in for all kinds and models of cars. The staff of a professional Car Servicing(Salisbury) provider have an extensive experience and knowledge in mechanically servicing and take pride on their quality of work, customer care, and value for money and ensures that your car is always in tip top condition with the most genuine and quick service.

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