The Android car might not be as far off as you think

At this era of technology everything is getting tech freak and related to technology. What new is that a car which is based on Android OS. Yes it is true and this article is also based on same describing the vehicles that work completely on the impressive mobile operating system of Google.

You might not believe this, but an Android vehicle is likely to hit the market soon. The Consumer Electronics Show that took place this year is a sign that we may end up purchasing vehicles that work completely on the impressive mobile operating system of Google. Are you shocked? Well, you shouldn’t be. The car and the Smartphone are two really distinct technologies use by people of all ages. However, it’s very likely for these two inventions to come together.


The great power of an open operating system

Of course, we are all aware of the fact that sophisticated in-vehicle amusement and data systems are a common thing at the moment, but we still haven’t been able to purchase a vehicle totally handled by a mobile OS such as Android. However, it appears that automobile producers have started utilizing the source kernel of Android to come across innovative methods to sync the dashboard of your car with your smartphone. Therefore, it won’t be long until your Android gadget and your steering column are joined.

Android-powered vehicles are a great invention

Do you still consider that an Android vehicle is an implausible invention? Pay a visit to your local Toys R Us, which is a kids’ store, and you’ll change your mind. Why? Because their “Ferraris” can already be manipulated with Smartphone via Bluetooth! Hence, soon enough we will be able to control real automobiles with our Smartphone as well.

At CES in January, over 100 tech companies have presented their services related to the innovative concept of ‘smart cars’. Over a dozen car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Ford and General Motors have exhibited all sorts of gadgetry and technology pertaining to their recently released car models. Android cars are not as far as you might think. Famous apps such as Waze might soon feature innovative GPS navigation services directly onto your smart device, and car manufacturers are doing their best to integrate personal software programs in order to get one step ahead of their competitors.


Car manufacturers such as Audi and BMW are already making use of their own software platforms such as Audi MMI, which has the ability to integrate Google Earth images, as well as Maps data for their latest A3 model. Others carmakers such as Ford make use of in-car systems that run on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive OS.

Android’s future in vehicle tech

We already have the possibility to enjoy numerous Android systems restricted to in-dash general entertainment and navigation, but it seems that developers what to offer us more. Soon enough, your Android OS will inform you when you have to reestablish the pressure of your tires and change the oil. Besides, it will explain to you the reason why the check engine light is illuminated. Android seems to be an ideal option for this partnership, since it represents an adaptive, strong platform which can be shaped to match the various preferences of car producers.

The Android car – truly ingenious yet rather complex

We need developers that are eager to design ground-breaking apps which will connect the vehicle and the platform through appropriate and practical software. Ford is actually moving an open Android API forward in order to stimulate the development of Android-powered vehicles. Developers have the possibility to utilize this SDK to facilitate communication between the vehicles designed by Ford and their app. Prior to the announcement, there was a restricted access to the AppLink API. At the moment, everything a developer has to do is to propose an app to the Ford manufacturing team in order for them to evaluate it.


A car powered by an operating system is starting to become a lot more important to manufacturers than to consumers who are more interested in functionality. Car makers have the tendency to be very competitive when it comes to the technological improvement they bring to their vehicles. You can also explore for spares, parts and latest accessories of cars. Last but not least, people should have in mind that using Android on mobiles is completely different than using Android for cars. Considering that the platform is an open source, the makers will take every chance they got to customize it.

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